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14 December 2009


Dale R

Hey Jimbo:

F you!


Exactly what we need. Another hypocritical conservative Republican who turns a blind eye toward heterosexual adultery and immoral politicians in his own party, but tells us that we can't get married or we are immoral.

Nathan James

What is REALLY "immoral" and "destructive" is SC's refusal to fund HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in their own state. According to the NYT, they've killed legislative proposals on this SIX times since 1994. But DeMint thinks gays are "destructive"? SMH.


You know, I always find it comical that these conservatives are always talking about saving marriage from "destruction". My question is are Gays the cause for almost 50% of heterosexual marriages failing? I DON'T THINK SO! Seems to me they need to be protecting marriage from themselves. How many Republican sex scandals have there been in the last 2 years? LOL!


I can tell you guys I don't know which one of these Deep Southern states are a bigger contradiction of themselves is it SC, GA, MS, TN, LA, or AR? Somehow Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina avoids such self-destructive afflicts thanks to some pragmatism and rationale of their state legislative bodies. These states aren't bad places to live at all as long as you stay in the large metropolitan areas and try to shield yourself from the dubious mindset.

On the demented one, Jim is an idiot, plain and simple. He panders to the lowest common denominator of his state, which if you guys remember was the 1st to secede from the Union, but only ahead of Alabama when it comes to the "fighting for states' rights" mentality. He feels that as long as keeps the idiots and ignoramuses happy then everything will be Honky-Dorry. However, he is hurting South Carolina more than anything else with his ill-conceived stances on basic issues such as same-sex unions.

The irony of this is the fact that his fellow US Senator Lindsey Graham is as gay as the day is long...


I find that neck fat of his immoral but you don't see me trying to stand in his way of having it. I'm not trying to force him on a diet or toss an apple in his mouth. I really wish conservatives politically and socially would learn how to check their ignorance at the door...


Hmmm. Let's see another GOP latent homosexual is exposed in 5-4-3-2-1.

Rodney M.

Let's see... he's from South Carolina, right? He has no problem with his governor's adultery? Last I checked, neither gays nor same-sex marriage played a part in the destruction of that marriage. When will this madness stop?

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