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24 December 2009



"As mentioned numerous times, LGBT families and same-sex couples are not included in the definition of "family" coverage (=DOMA). Low-income gay and lesbian families, who can’t afford private insurance, will be hit the hardest and forced to buy multiple policies. Black and Latino gay men, more likely to be un- or underinsured and more likely to be raising children, even more so. There is also nothing to prohibit discrimination based on sexuality orientation and/or gender identity. Oh and there's always the issue of hospitals refusing to allow gay men and lesbian to see their hospitalized partners. All the more reasons to strategize in 2010."

And that paragraph is exactly why I come to this blog...for the black and/or Latino LGBT angle. It's not always want some people, but you give us the facts.

Speaking of that...are gays still "hoping" the Congress or White House will change the definition of family so partners and children could be insured for much cheaper rates? Yeah that was DOA but people kept "hoping" it would happen. smh

M. Mark

Any word on the HIV provision? Will that be included in final bill?


Do we know if there are any provisions in there excluding care for trans people? If not, this may actually be a net positive for us in that trans inclusionary policies will become available through the exchange. I can't even start to describe what this will do for us.. srs, hrt, and therapy are a major burden that is routinely placed square on our shoulders.

It really sucks that same sex relationships still are excluded, but I'm curious.. will this be a proibition on policies or companies offering domestic partner benifits? Or is it just not requiring plans to accept same sex families as such. The second is sad but pretty much unsurprising, but the first would be a tragedy

M. Mark

That was fast, Polerin. I guess all the Obama apologists were tasked to monitor the blogs and post rhetorical questions.

And of course the bill doesn't specifically ban trans insurance coverage. But gays and trans folk are already discriminated in insurance. And I am not sure where "trans inclusionary" (or gay "inclusionary") came from.

Most of us are begrudgigly supporting the bill. But you really dont need to browbeat anyone who isnt ecstatic. And that "inclusionary" meme is pure dissembling . Srsly.

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