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13 December 2009



I'm speechless. I guess I should have realized the reports that Uganda changed their position couldn't be true. This makes me sick. It is so horrifying.


WOW. I truly hope this is more posturing and not the final word. This is very regrettable.


May God have mercy on the souls of those who have introduced this Gay murder Bill and those who support it. I'll say it again...... THIS IS NOT GODS WORKS! THOU SHALT NOT KILL!! If this Bill gets passed and is truly put into action, then God's wrath will come down on those who would commit such a crime against humanity. The God I know would NOT support this. I'm truly disgusted and I am glad the White House spoke out, it was LATE but we need ALL the voices against this as we can get.

Mel Smith

Bahati is a sick man.

Why do these people use their religious beliefs to justify prejudice?

I blame people right here in the U.S. for brainwashing people like that twisted fool Bahati.

Man, human beings just don't never f@cking learn to respect the rights of others.

Hate must be in people genes.

The things I read today is like a dream.

You would think they were living in the late 19th century or something.

Mel Smith

And the language that Bahati is using is very similar to how segregationists in the south defended segregation.


“Bahati is a sick man.”

No, he’s not. He’s just a greedy man. He makes money and acquires power off of this. Homophobia is a highly profitable industry.

And in his greed, Bahati is no different than his American counterparts. Remember: Father Reagan taught us that greed is good, not sick.

The only reason Bahati’s bill is more “extreme” than DOMA or DADT is because such extremes are politically acceptable in Uganda.

A bill like his is not acceptable in the United States. For now.



Thank you Isis!
Preach Sistah!

Mel Smith

No, BAHATI IS A SICK MAN!!! Any individual that can justify killing and oppressing gay people in the name of religion is a sick twisted bastard. Actually, HE'S A SICK GREEDY MAN!


Uganda will be a troubled country from this day forth. God isn't pleased with this and they WILL pay.


This is disgusting and heartbreaking all at once. Just when I was breathing just a little easier and hoping that the worse was over for my African gay brothers and sisters.

Please someone do something. Help these people!


It surprises me that people actually wonder why Africa struggles so much. This is proof! You don't have to wish bad on this country nor the whole continent, it already happens to them every single day. And if they don't change their ways it will continue to happen to them.


The white missionaries did a really thorough job in Africa. They made the Africans hate themselves, their culture, and their whole way of life in the name their judgemental god. That was in the 1700's and 1800's. I see they are still doing a thorough job now at the turn of this century.


You speak of African and Caribbean homophobic culture as if African American black culture isn’t unscathed by overly religious and pious underpinnings of our colonial heritage. It has been a sick mindless outcome and the only benefit that has come out of this mindlessness is gospel, jazz, pop, soul, disco and hip hop music.

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