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29 December 2009


Face and Waist

that man is fine, whew!
i'm getting moist lol


I'm so in love with him. I love his music and his body! I think his voice is so sexy it sounds like he is singing just for me... But I'm not like a stalker or anything! LoL


i heard usher showed up not lookin so good. i guess thats why rod didn't post pics of him. trey is beautiful as always tho. love it when rod gives us what we want


Rod...you and... your Usher hate...


I'm sorry, but Tremaine Neverson does nothing for me... He tries too hard and that is not sexy.


In 5 years, he will be in Usher's position. NEXT!


I don't know. I'm hoping he maybe the next Will Smith. Trey has star appeal. I hope he's smart enough to parlay his movie star looks into actual movies.


I have two questions:

1. Are we capable of still caring about Usher, if we never ever did before?

2. If Trey Songz invented sex, and he was born on November 28, 1984, what were the rest of us doing before that date? Chopping liver?


Hell yeah he's proud of that body!


There is something about him that does NOT seem genuine. He is NOT that cute to me, but I can see he is handsome to a point. I just aint Ga Ga over him. Give me some Maxwell and D'angelo (circa 1999). I think he is talented though, but he certainly didn't invent anything for me, LOL!


FWIW, I don't listen to much new R&B music (I'm 36, not ancient, just most of it sucks now,imo) so I've not heard any of this dude's songs. But although he has a hot bod, he looks like a lot of young guys I see here in Dallas all the time. Not sayin' I would toss him out of bed, but he just doesn't stand out as anything really special to me lookswise. Am I nuts or what??


Yea Trey Songz doesn't do it for me either. He's like a little boy who was told to beef up his body to shake the "little boy" image everybody probably had of him. He's not a great singer...neither is Keri. This is what the R&B business is about these days: imgae. Not real talent.


I agree with both VJ and Trey about today's R&B. As being a '73 kid myself, I know that is USED to be about the voice and music. Not anymore.. shameful!!


I agree with VJ, Trey and 7. I've heard of Trey Songz's music -- it was ok -- much of the same, following the foot steps of Usher.

Why is it that male R&B singers come out like guys gone wild, chip-n-dale strip show? What happened to the music? Sure he's somewhat good lookin'. Sure he's got a great bod. What does that have to do with his profession as a *SINGER*?

Lastly why is he flaunting his sexuality like a prison b!tch? Honestly.


We still have some folks that can actually sing! Alicia, Neyo, Ledisi, Beyonce and many others can actually sing. You might not like some of their image (i.e. Beyonce) but they all have legitimate voices. Certainly Beyonce can sing circles around the likes of Ciara, Rihanna and some of those other wannabee singers. All hope is NOT lost.

I also wanted to add Fantasia, Chrisete M. (sp) and Angie Stone. They all can SANG!!

Oh and we still have some legends that are still hanging on. Aretha recently performed "O Holy Night" on The View and put so many of these young'uns to shame!




I believe trey and usher are lovers...If you look closely usher told Keri to pour the water on him!! They are sum BQ'S and using her for a cover up!!

Taylor Siluwé

Mmmm ... yeah, he could get some. Not a huge fan of that song though. When he performed in on that last award show (I forget which one it was, they're too many now), I wasn't impressed.

But yeah, he could still get some. In a heartbeat.

Rodney M.

Hmmm...I wonder if he was more successful in projecting a sexed-up image in his performance than Adam Lambert was... and, for the record, I'm 42, and I like his song...

Garçon Stupide

LOL @ Dasxyblk1...

I'm with Rod on his supposed "Usher hate"... Usher seems to think he's God's gift to mankind, based upon fan love bestowed upon his much younger self. The thing is, he was never attractive - he was just young and sexy. Like Chris Brown. And like poor little Chris, Usher grew up and became quite an ugly man, with his weird squashed potato face. And as Rod points out, quite a lot of junk comes out of that face.

On the other hand, look at their contemporary, Mario, who was quite an ugly duckling when he first started out, and became a very, very handsome man. Mind you, he's also talented...


Trey Songz is the R Kelly for the 90's babies' generation. His new album is his best yet. A must have for RnB fans, and I'm not even one his followers. Chris Brown was being groomed as the next Usher, but after last year, he's on that James Brown status.


I don't know if we should be comparing Chris Brown to James Brown! James definitely was NOT perfect and had a lot of issues, but he was still one the THE GREATEST! Chris will still have a career, but I don't know if he will reach James Brown status. He still needs to grow up. His little twitter rant last month was RIDICULOUS and set him back in regards to regaining respect. I was hoping he would get it together, but he just don't seem to get it.


I would bend his little hot azz over bang the dookie out of him.

Corve DaCosta

good for him

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