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27 December 2009


T. Patrick

"There is no indication it was a hate crime"?

What utter bullcrap!


How do you beat and stomp someone resulting in their death, flee the scene of the crime, get into a scuffle with the police when apprehended, but walk out of jail without a bond?! I'm lost on this. Any lawyers in the house to explain?

Grant Ellet

why? why? i just dont understand...stomping on a head, causing death, not co operating with the arresting officer, intoxicated... but, "let me get the door for you so you can walk out of the jail"? i dont understand


It may not have been a HATE crime, but it was still a HORRIBLE CRIME!! A CRIME THAT RESULTED IN DEATH!! THIS IS MURDER!! No one should have been walking out on bail. That is simply a miscarriage of justice. I'd like to know what the bail was. Based on the descriptions, he was a lovely man that was loved by many. RIP and may he have FULL and COMPLETE JUSTICE!!

Nathan James

So many things about this story don't add up. I mean, this guy is party to manslaughter at a minimum, AND fights with the cops, but walks? Around here, just the "resisting arrest" part would have made him a flight risk, and he'd be remanded to the Island of Terror out there in the middle of the East River.

Then, the prosecutor charges him only with assault? How cheap gay life has lately become!

Tammi L Coles

Woods was not dead after the fight, merely hospitalized. He died from his injuries nearly a week later. That means that at the time of arrest, the police had a fight outside of a bar, not a homicide so, yes, it would make sense for the court to release the 20-year old alleged assailant without bond. Even it there was bond, recall people that it is merely insurance. It is not a way to keep people in jail but rather to ensure that they come back for the court hearing that determines guilt or innocence. This is not a television crime series.

We can only hope that the charge will be raised from felonious assault.


How is VIOLENTLY STOMPING someone NOT hate? It takes some real vile energy and intention to perform such a heinous act.

God Rest This Beautiful Brother's Soul but I am with the mother: THERE MUST BE JUSTICE!

I am really sick and tired of this "gay hysteria" going on in communities of color, where gay men are being attacked at a rising level and the justice system is playing along and around with this mentality that somehow real men got into it and the Real Man won!

It's time for some action and for us to call real Town Hall Meeting, first about the way the police and the judicial system are handling these crimes across the country and secondly about how our communities of color are throwing gay men under the bus and watching this kind of bloodshed happen.

I am really angry about this but thank you Rod for shining this light and keeping us abreast of these rising attacks.

Ms. Coles, I appreciate the legalese and knowledge, but if the bond is insurance and you collect any insurance, another killer is free to play the "Their Lives Don't Matter" card in the media and say "I didn't hate him because he was gay. I just hated him because he was in my face." Black-on-black crime is always played out as the mongrels just can't get along. Then add to that "I didn't know he was gay...even if I was fighting some fag outside of a gay club" and then all just gets blacked out of the records.


Da' Realist One

We don't raise enough hell for the charges to be raised.
Every damn person in Ohio should be at the Toledo PD station demanding justice.

If we would put down the turkey and dressing and dominoes long enough to realize this is yet again another black male that died with no justice no where to be found and demand like hell that justice would be served Im sure charges and an arrest would be made.

Its a damn shame when the law can just outright tell the people that a life within the Black Community doesnt mean sh&^ and PROVES it with this type of inaction.

Rodney M.

You know when something hurts just to read it, that words fail you? That's how I feel reading this. Here in DC we're still reeling from Tony Hunter's death, and that his assailant will only get three months on an assault charge, and now this. Man, what CAN we do at this point?


@ Tammi L. Coles!

He died from the injuries in got from the assault! That is murder in my book! Doesn't matter if it happened a week later or NOT! That scum should be under the jail...... POINT BLANK!!

Garçon Stupide

Poor sweet man. This is numbing.

And imagine losing the man you've loved for 10 years+, and in circumstances like this.

Former COGIC

>>> Woods was not dead after the fight, merely hospitalized. ... This is not a television crime series.

Yes, he was "merely hospitalized" in critical condition and lapsed into a coma. We understand that and know that this is "not" tv.

In the real world, gay lives are often not taken very seriousy, black and latino LGBT lives even more so. We are more likely to be attacker, robbed, hurt, or killed than our white counterparts, and the assailants are often not caught.

I'll be the one to ask this question: If it had been a white man or white woman who had been attacked, beaten, kicked and stomped and in critical condition, what do we think the charge would be? Would the judge have given the suspect an i-bond?

What if it was a gay white man?

And Marland Woods died on December 19. That's 9 days ago! Why weren't charges upgraded, the bond revoked and suspect arrested?

But we see this all the time, same thing happened in DC with Tony Hunter, another black gay man. His killer, who claimed a pass was made on the street. He was sentenced to 180 days.

As Da Realist said above ... and Rod pointed out many times... black LGBTs don't raise enough hell for the charges to be raised. We're still drinking egg nog, at the club, going to Pastor So and So's gay hating church and most of us are still closeted.

Gee Gee

@former COGIC, I agree with you 100%.

This has drunk young white boy getting away with murder all over it. I may be wrong, but not surprised.

And this will continue to happen in "our" community until someone speaks up and out...


This is really disheartening, I do hope the family gets justice. I know a few folk in Toledo who are connected to the local media, hopefully I can get more facts. This was definitely a crime, though maybe not a hate crime.

On another note, I had a weekend of drinks and partying and won't apologize for it. I can advocate for justice while drinking egg nog, and even go to the club afterward, activism and socializing arent mutually exclusive, I know many who prove that every day. Let's not berate, but try to provide insight into how we can prevent this from happening again.


Wat a sad, sad world we live in where the gay black man's life is devalued. We have got to stand up and fight even harder than ever!!


Former COGIC on point as usual. Black LGBT need to rise up more and let people know we will not put up with this anymore. Non black LGBT need to stand up for us as well, especially when you need our help to inform and fight against black homophobia. Gay men and gay women need to start supporting and looking out for one another more, especially in the Black and Latino LGBT community folks are out to rape, mutilate and murder us in addition the humiliation and disrespect they throw at us on a daily basis. Enough is enough. I'm so beyond tired of people doing these things to my gay brothers and sisters and getting away with it.

Anthony in Nashville

With respect to the numerous slights and disrespect aimed at the black LGBT community:

I believe people will treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated.

In the US, we have a good idea of which groups of people it is unwise to "come for." That is because those groups have let it be known that they aren't playing and will find a way to make perpetrators pay.

Many of us have seem those dynamics play out in our social circles and jobs. There are people who always get clowned on and others who command respect.

I'm not saying the black LGBT community needs to begin forming vigilante mobs (although I do feel a LGBT self-defense class would be an excellent idea). It can be something as simple as speaking out and standing up for ourselves when people need to be put in check.

Sadly, too many of us don't even do that, letting ignorant comments, homophobic sermons, or outright antigay violence slide without a peep.

The reason most people don't respect black LGBTs is because too many of us act like we don't have any self-respect.


rod...i love u. keep bringing the news that affects the LGBT community, especially LGBT people of color. i appreciate it. truly.

Taylor Siluwé

Sad. Just truly senseless and sad.


Anthony, I'm with you, but I think we should take bigger steps. This sort of thing isn't going to stop until we begin to fight back in a serious way. I strongly suggest that if you live in an area where you feel threatened that you find a way to legally possess a firearm. And then if you are attacked, use it. Drop them before they drop you.

Shasha Fierce

Marland was a wonderful and great person. The person who did this was a 20 year old black male who is not gay. Why the hell was someone only 20 at this bar? There are so many questions the people who knew him have. But no matter what this was murder and the person who did this is nothing more than evil.


Stop inviting haterosexuals to any gay event. They are trouble. This murder was a hate crime.


I just don't understand how people could have such HATE in their souls...

Steve A. Williams

For those who are upset at this crime the question is what are you prepared to so that this does not happen to you,or someone you love? Are you prepared to organize those who are opposed to anti-gay violence whether they be LGBT or not in your community?

What are you prepared to do instead of talking about how disorganized Black Gay folks are and how white gays have it so much together.

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