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24 December 2009


Mel Smith

How the hell can they glorify prejudice against gays?

Just because the majority support a particular prejudice does not make it right.

Now we clearly see why genocides took place throughout the world.

Hitler brainwash the German population to hate Jews.

I have to be dreaming - It's 2010 and a country is debating if gays should be killed. How backwards and sick can people be?

Baltimore Femme

the more i hear about this story the more disgusting it becomes. but did anyone seriously the new idi amin would "veto" or block this anti gay act? this is all his creation, he is controlling all the strings believe you me!

and these brave african lgbts...even trans folk! that is unbeleievable. i wish them the best and will pray


Cosigning Mel Smith.
Totally disgusting and almost an African fascist version of Hitler. Unfortunately the gay "campaign of terror" is spreading to Burundi and Rwanda.

And please let me add speaking as a gay African man whose family is from Malawi and now in Canada...thanks for the updates.


A dictator going back on his word because he doesnt want to be seen as a dictator. How meta.

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