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24 December 2009



I. Love. Her.

This is a fabulous song and my annual tradition. Darlene better every year, just like a fine wine!

Baltimore Femme

this is beautiful, i have been watching darlene on dave letterman for almost 20 years. wow. so many memories of wonderful holidays past.
and i agree, the voice is much stronger this year.

merry christmas and happy holidays rod. you're such a treasure and are always on top of the news, hot boys and pop culture. don't know how you do it but thanks. :-)

D. Askew

Darlene is wonderful. I just live for this song and performance every Christmas. I always make sure I can catch it live if possible.

D. Askew

And let me echo what Baltimore said.
Merry Christmas to all and Rod thank you for such a brilliant blog. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying the holiday!


Brilliant! What a great voice! What a super performance! I miss the great singers like the incomparable Miss Love.


This woman looks fantastic to be 70 yrs old. Luvher!


It's just spectacular to see her LOOKING SO VIBRANT AND ALIVE and SOUNDING SO POWERFUL.

P.S. It's such a cool Christmas tradition for Dave Letterman to honor.

To all of my brothers and sisters and Rod 2.0ers, All of the love and joy that the Holiday Season can bring and all of the camaraderie and commitment that we can share across statelines and fiber optic wires. Happy Holidays and no matter where you are or who/how you love, know that God loves you. Period. The rest is all inconsistent with the reason for the season!

Happy Holidays.

Be good to yourself and rest where you can and laugh when you do the rest!


Former COGIC

Miss Darlene Love hit it out of the park with that performance. Love her. Looove her. And I love Letterman for loving her, too.

So much power and urgency in that voice. Wow!

Thank you Rev Kev for that brilliant message. More of us need to hear those words.

To my Rod 2.0 fam...Hug and hold onto someone and love them like you mean it. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!


darlene love is a treasure and this song is a Christmas classic

this is my favorite time of the year ;)

Dallas Cowboy

Merry Christmas everyone!

And Rev Kev: Thank you for that bit of church up n here, up n here. We need to hear that inclusive message. Too bad so many brothas are brainwashed into believing they must attend hating churches.

Love ya Darlene!
Love ya Rod!
Love ya Rev Kev!


i was traveling and stuck in airport so i missed darlene on letterman! ugh

but i'm watching it now that i'm relaxing at home with my family. thank you!

merry christmas to all!


I'm sure it was very bittersweet performing that song for Darlene because the woman who wrote that song, Ellie Greenwich passed away this year. Ellie wrote other classic songs like "Da Do Ron Ron", "Be My Baby", "Leader Of The Pack" and many others.

Nate Collins

My new holiday classic.


one of the new holiiday classics.
and darlene love is ever so classy. she never goes out of style and looks and sounds amazing!

merry christmas everyone!
and thank you rod for such a phab site...you're a gem.

my goal for 2010 is to come next door to new jersey (i'm in pa) and hear you preach, rev kev!


Amazing!! When singers actually had talent and could, dare I say it, sing.

Carter G

Take note Rihanna, Ciara, Kelis, Beyonce and all these new so called "singers".

THIS is singing.


..."This was Darlene's 23rd annual appearance to sing the Phil Spector holiday classic."...

And getting better year after year!
I just love me some Darlene Love. My whole family looks forward to her Letterman appearance every year. We always try to watch together to start the Christmas holiday. You go girl!

And Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all. Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday Rod and are getting some rest, you need and deserve some.!


Had a great morning opening presents and then having dinner with family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rod and ever yone in the Rod 2.0 Family.

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