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18 December 2009


Face and Waist

Fabulous, I love it.
Go DC!


I think its time to leave the South and move back up North. There is no way in hell they will pass any bill like this in the deep south anytime soon!

Go DC you have a new resident coming soon!


What a wonderful gift for the holidays. Thank you DC!



Praise the Lord and let the weddings begin!

I am really tearful about this.


This is history in the making!! I love it!!


This is brilliant. IN YOUR FACE Maggie Gallagher!

Helis Savalis

While I consider this move to be one of progress for the gay community, I simply don’t understand the over exaggerated hype it is generating in the DC Metropolitan area. David Cantania’s reaction in all the photos I have seen in the press might indicate that scientists have found a cure for AIDS, Cancer, and our crumbling economy. In the big picture of Washington, DC life, where gay bashings seem to be the order of the day, I’m just not impressed. Washington, DC has an abundance of success gay men and women, which is a good thing. Now, these people can marry. This is a good thing, too. But, in the big picture, Washington, DC area gays have so many more important things to be concerned about. Hopefully, I am wrong and gay marriage will be the cure for all that ails us.
So says yet another black gay DMVer who has never commented on hate crimes, gay bashings, HIV or anything else. The marriage law takes ZERO resources, money or time from these other issues. Riddle me this: Since gay bashings and hate crimes are "the order of the day" in DC, and blacks LGBTs are affected most, any reason why black LGBTs in the DMV were silent on the Tony Randolph Hunter and NaNa Boo Mack murders? Even when Hunter's killer was sentenced to only 6 months? smh -RM


Helis Savalis, well...

All I can say is you have a point, but you know progress is progress. I agree that there should be more community involvement of the folks in the DMV to prevent all the hate crimes. We don't hear about these levels of hate crimes in Metro Atlanta, where there are just as many LGBT/SGLs in the region.


"Helis Savalis" does NOT have a point. Miss Helis is talking bs.

Having a marriage law doesn't take anything away from stopping hate crimes. Those are random violent crimes that are already prohibited by law. As far as AIDS is concerned, you really don't want to go there, sweety. All it takes is a condom and black and black gay DC has among the highest infection rates in the world. City council and the mayor can't fight that, sounds like something y'all need to work on personally.

As I said in the earlier post, those black DC gays are some pitiful queens, PITIFUL. Now you're reduced to using the same arguments the mainstream black community uses against marriage.

And Rod thanks for calling this poseur out. I come here everyday and have never read their comments in anything.

Byron in PGC

"Hopefully, I am wrong and gay marriage will be the cure for all that ails us."


No one said marriage equality would solve all of the gay community's problems, esp those among the working classes and black LGBTs in DC. Who, truth be told, suffer the most gaybashes and hatecrimes but rarely speak up. They certainly haven't after members of their own community were recently killed.

If you don't want to get married, don't. You don't come across as very lovable or relationship material anyway. But as Rod pointed out, the new marriage law takes not one iota from time or money devoted to other issues.

I live next door in PGC and would love to be able to marry my BF. At home in Maryland or to go over to DC. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop donating my money to HIV or fighting for gay rights.

Like the DC City Council can find a cure for AIDS or cancer, or that's what they should be doing. Such a trifling mentality. Srsly.


I'm going to ignore the haters and suggest others do the same.

Congratulations, DC. The first jurisdiction in the south (and y'all really are south lol) to get gay marriage.


One thing that I rarely see mentioned is how a gay marriage law improves disproportionately the lives of working class gay people, the very folks that some bougie commentators always claim are unaffected by this.

If you are rich, you really don’t need the benefits of marriage. But if you and your lover each make $14 an hour, and if either of you could lose your job at any moment because of the recession, you need every possible way you can to keep your medical insurance, for example. If you can hook onto your lover’s insurance policy from work, and he is able to hook onto yours, that makes life a great deal more secure. Especially, Helis Savalis, for those with HIV.

It is just for people whose lives are economically insecure that a gay marriage law is the most important.

alicia banks


the holy homohaters lost again!

yay dc!

have a great weekend

Greg G

Totally cosign what Jim said.
Marriage benefits working families and the working poor the most. It's a lifesaver to be able to benefit from your husband or wives health benefits, and to have children covered with medical, dental and all that. The deep pocket gays can always buy insurance.

Helis' comments are disappointing but sadly par for the course on many black gay blogs. Even this blog, which attracts a much more cosmopolitan audience, sadly there are readers who criticize every advancement in gay rights as "not benefitting gays in the hood" and always attack marriage. Oh and I live for Rod who always points out these queens throwing rocks have said nada on any LGBT rights story.


Mayor Fenty is the hottest mayor in the country. And he just got hotter.

Xavier Deron

@ Seven:

I agree! Mayor Fenty is truly then hotness. Now more than ever!

Zaidi Ademeit

A stunning example of what 'Home Rule' can accomplish!

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