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08 December 2009



Thanks for the heads up, and, I wonder why it is that this lady and the other blacks who are pro glbt equality don't get coverage on the so called main stream gay blogs??


Nia Gill is a strong sistah and a true champion of equality. We're very lucky to have her in New Jersey, although she does not represent me.

And good point Rod about black politicians supporting equality. As Luther noted, you almost never see them on the large white gay blogs.


I was humbled to be in the building. Not just in the presence of the brilliant Julian Bond, who was eloquent, poised and unmoveable, but this mighty woman as well! I was so proud of being Black on Monday in Trenton, because these two Black people stood up for JUSTICE and EQUALITY...PERIOD!


This is so great to watch and listen to. Julian Bond was fabulous and Sen. Gill was incredible. I'm always so moved and proud when my people stand up for LGBT equality. Sometimes we don't, and sometimes we can be the worse bigots, but when we stand up it speaks volumes!

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