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09 December 2009



She TOTALLY dismantled him! He didn't even know what was written in his own DAMN book, lol! She really gave it to him and I loved how she made sure everyone knew he was not licensed and his sources weren't licensed. This man is a JOKE!


She broke him (Cohen) down like a FRACTION!! What a tired queen!!! She (Cohen) can't even remember what she wrote in her own book!!!!


I LOVE RACHEL!!!! She was not playing with him. She discredited him from head to toe. I loved it. I'm glad she read from his book to him, and the fact he was saying that certain things weren't in there. That shows someone who is not a credible researcher (because some facts don't change so quickly that you can't remember what you have been calling facts), and a poor writer.

No association wants him and refuses to claim him. I love how she brought all that out. I also like how she kept caling it the "kill the gays" legislation, so that poeple really understand what exactly is happening in Uganda, and that calling it some other name that may not sound as harsh does not change the fact that it really is "Kill the gays" legislation.


She read his a@#,...lol, did yall see him shaking, man I love her !


Rachel totally owned his self hating behind!

Chitown Kev

Two snaps for Rachel.

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