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10 December 2009




It should, by NO means, have taken a Man of God, a preacher, a pastor, this long to condemn hate, condemn death and condemn unloving behavior!

He's just felt the sting of this and is trying to backpedal!

Well, it's not enough, Mr. Purpose Driven Money! We see what you really have behind your purpose and we are not buying it.


I love how he denounces the bill after the death penalty legislation was removed! Rick is just like all the other preachers[pimp] out there.

History Major

If anyone need proof that modern day evangelicals are all about $$$$ and $$$$ only this is proof.

He's speaking now because the bottom line of his church is at risk and he can't lose out on all those financial ties.

This is about money and money alone. Protecting his "brand"


Too Much, Too Little, Too LATE!!

Have seat Pastor Warren!


Ditto to RevKev and especially to History Major who hit the nail firmly on the head. Personally this sounds a little forced to me. Why so late? Did the PR people mention how this could damage any further plans to go more mainstream thus making problems with the money???

I'm not really buying this one.

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