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28 December 2009


Baltimore Femme

this is good news, let's hope there are more serious charges

black people, we can do better!
no matter if this was a hate crime or a bashing, we cannot continue to devalue each other's lives. and this goes true for us black LGBTs, we can committ violence just like it is dished to us!

and good reporting rod, as always

Former COGIC

I'm still gagging at the kicking and stomping! Would somebody from the bar do that? I hope another gay man is not behind this, if so that is a shame before god.

What reason could someone possibly have to do another man like that unless it is random, unmitigated hate?


This is awful to hear/read after the holidays. My question is this though, Why was he released from jail?

Wow, I think we as a whole (humanity) have lost it. It seems that the value of life is just gone these days. Do we even value the life of others? Ourselves?

My heart goes out to the young man's family and friends.

Former COGIC

This is a horrible story and this man's family was given an awful holiday season. I am sure their Christmases in the future will never be the same.

Let's hope their is justice in this case. I guess in some jurisdictions prosecutors can automatically upgrade charges and in others they need to go to the grand jury. But its still odd to give an i-bond on a felony assault and resisting arrest.

Face and Waist


Sasha Not So Fierce

Liked the news report.Nice to see the community coming together.

William Lavender

Can someone explain to me regardless of him dieing or not why did this attacker get out.


I was his friend, and i don't believe the person who did this was gay. Which makes a lot of us wonder why a straight young (black) man was at a gay bar to begin with. All of the questions you all have are the same ones we are trying to figure out. It seems like their aren't any answers from anyone including the girl we work with that was fighting with another girl, and he was trying to help her. Trying to figure out how someone had that much hate to do this to Marland. He was a beautiful person who would light up a room with his smile. I know he is in a better place. I only pray for the person who had so much rage and anger inside them that they could do that to someone. :(


rach25: my condolences to you, as well as to all who knew Marland. I pray justice is dealt

Rodney M.

In light of the rash of murders happening in our country, particularly aimed at LGBT Folks of Color, how many of us are looking at self-defense classes? I'm serious. Since the world has let it be known that our lives aren't valuable (in their eyes) maybe it's time for us to value our own lives enough to protect ourselves...

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