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25 December 2009


D. Askew

Wow. Can't say I'm surprised to given everything the Catholics have done and what their church stands for.

Former COGIC

Maybe she isn't so crazy. With archbishops and bishops stepping down in Ireland over this latest outrageous sex predator cover up ... who knows, maybe she or a loved one was molested by a priest.


crazy religious fanatics


This is becoming a yearly thing now. Okey dokey...


I like how the security is just so cool and takes their time to get to the scene of the commotion. it's almost like they were in on it.

History Major

Haha poor guy..... NOT

Serves him right for those comments he made over in Africa,

"Condoms make AIDS worse"

Karma is a b*tch.

Nate Collins

Yea, this is what happens when you spend billions protecting child sex predators and fighting gay rights.

Better luck next year


crazy religious fanatics

Carter G

Obviously this woman is very disturbed and/or obsessed with the pope and the church. But I will say that this man is responsible for the Roman Catholic Church covering up the abuse of thousands of boys and young men...and fighting gay rights and marriage across the world....and telling women in africa and latin america not to use condoms...

I could go on but why?


If she really wanted those ruby Prada slippers ... well, you can always drop a house on him.


LOL, Faison. Too funny!

Andy Niable

I'd heard Benny was a real-pushover, but, I mean... really...


I've been waiting for someone to knock him down...

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