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11 January 2010



[arms open wide] TA DA!!!!

Deron Xavier

That was fast! ROFL

"Gays, just ignore my entire voting record i n the House and ignore all my statements saying you were immoral and against god's law. I've evolved!"

Not a chance, girlfried. Not a chance!

Derrick from Philly

LOL @ above comments.

See, and y'all thought he was mean, slick and dishonest. Look at those eyes--those eyes couldn't lie...you can believe every word that comes out of his anus.


LOL @Derrick


I dunno that I trust this turncoat's change of mind--

Are we not gonna remember what just happened up in NY with that Sen. Hiram Monserrate, who previously stated support for marriage equality, but then voted "no"?? Do we really want another person like that?? I sense that from Ford, better use caution.

I would feel better about him if I saw him making out (or even having) with another guy, but then again, we have alot of self-haters in our fan-club, don't we?


LMAO at Derrick.
This was fast, he's like The Flash. He must think New York gays are like Tennessee gays. That southern boy's gonna learn a few things.

He just seems think people are stupid. Nope, none of us have a working memory or access to a newspaper or that new fangled internet dohikey. No, we'll just believe whatever you tell Matt Lauer, Mr. Ford.
I can't even stand looking at his yellow a$$. Ugh!!

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