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29 January 2010



I am so proud of Rob Smith.

Derrick from Philly

I agree, FRANK. Mr Smith is a brave young man. I'm grateful to him for being "out". The black communities in this country (and ohter countries) need to know how DIVERSE the black gay world is. We're all types of people, and some of us like Mr Rob Smith are very brave and very positive folks.

Taylor Siluwé

Wow. I like this line:

"...It sent me into the wrong places looking for the romantic affection that my heterosexual fellow soldiers were able to openly practice, discuss, and experience without the threat of disciplinary action."

Powerful and undeniable to anyone with a heart.

The many arguments for keeping the status quo always drift from the stereotypical to the pathetic. Here's a prime example, from FreeRepublic:

"what’s next homo parties on base?
homo pride parades on base?
ignoring two homos having sex in a shower?
if a homo gets a charge against him then the homo groups will say he is being picked on.
homo has a fight with a normal guy, and we all know we fight with each other as tempers flare in the marines and army sometimes and we fight but drink together after. now what if I have a fight with a homo and then he states I beat him because he is a homo?
will a homo officer give a promotion to his homo friend?"

And the comments go on and on like that. It shows two things to me, a complete ignorance of what being gay is, which in turn is the most powerful reason to end this policy once and for all. Apparently, the only way to finally educate these jarhead idiots to the fact that lifting the ban doesn't mean Richard Simmons is gonna burst into the barracks in coochie shorts singing show tunes.

That commentor should worry less about the consequences of beating up a gay soldier and more about how he'll dealing with a gay soldier wiping up the floor with him. Other comments suggested the US Military will be a laughing stock.

Yeah. Like they're laughing at Israel's military expertise where gay soldiers proudly serve. Say what you will about Israel, but anyone with half a brain knows their military is one of the most feared in the world.


The people who constantly say this won't work always refuse to look at ALL the other nations where it does work. If they ignore that, it usually means what we as lgbt folks already know, "that the US is the most prejudice, close-minded country in the world".

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