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04 January 2010



Hmm, so depressing. Blacks need more people with money ready to support THEIR gay rights because sh*t like this will keep on happening.

How could she even afford to pursue this? Matthew Shepard was white AND he was from a wealthy family.

As they say, don't f*ck with the wrong people.

Lets hope Don's murder creates some big things...

Chris Cruz

Wow. I remember this story, it was around the same time I started reading this blog. Sad, so very sad.

I guess Mom couldn't go on living anymore without her baby boy.

Prayers for both of them.


This story so fell under the radar in the LGBT blogosphere because only a handful of places mentioned it in 2008. I'm afraid she died of a broken heart. ***sigh***

That is so sad.

Baltimore Femme

As Kayman said, the mom died of a broken heart.

Tragic, sad, and so very moving.

This happens all too often in our community.

And all too often, the killers of our black LGBT youth are never found.

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