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06 January 2010



Now THAT is a man!


Ok I know I've seen that dude in that same sweater before. I know we are in a recession but come on Essence. Spend the money. Do another photo shoot. tacky...

Daniel Warhol

I agree FreeLeo...that is mad tacky to use pictures that basically EVERYONE has seen and make one of the best ones your COVER....

These pics must be on Wireimage or something

Andy Niable

There goes my smoke alarm again...


Where is his sex tape???


Seeing as how I ripped these photos out of my copy of GQ when they first appeared and filed them away for...uh...safe keeping...I recognized the shot instantly. GQ was in B & W tho, while this is in full mocha-licious color.

But yeah, I do agree - give us all a thrill and bring him in for a new shoot....

Jim J

Of course it matters not that he is, at best, an average player. No seriously, it doesn't matter.


“Live Your Fantasy! 10 of the Sexiest Men You’ve Ever Seen!”

And now, for the opinion of an (apparently microscopic) minority:

I cannot imagine why anyone, man or woman, would be attracted to any man who looks so childishly full of himself, unless that man or woman has a problem with self-respect.

Utterly un-sexy.


I knew I'd seen these pictures before. If they're gonna use pics from the same photo shoot, at least use one's that weren't published before. Thumbs down, Essence. Reggie Bush is a very attractive fellow, but like Jim said, puffed up self-love leaves me cold.

@Jim J: Reggie learned from certain blonde tennis players, as well as his former main chick, Ms. Kardasian, not to mention certain hotel heiress and waste of space daughters of singers named Richie, that accomplishment is so very 20th century. Empty celebrity connected with no discernable achievment is now the coin of the realm.


“...accomplishment is so very 20th century. Empty celebrity connected with no discernable achievement is now the coin of the realm.”

LOL. Actually, the coin of the realm has been stolen...

Just as fame has nothing to do with accomplishment, neither has financial success. While the famous are thieves of our time and attention, the rich are just plain thieves. The first is a mirror of the second.


The'yre giving you what they think the "gay audience" wants, we are pretty trite. Look at our comments!

alicia banks


i have never seen reggie with a black woman!

he and his door knob whore have no class

this is an insult to all of the few readers essence has...

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