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13 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Unbelievably sad - especially in a country with more than its share of pain and heartache to go around.

HUM 2023

Christian cleric Pat Robertson told his CBN viewers today that Haitians are "cursed" because their ancestors "swore a pact with the devil" to liberate themselves from the French in 1804.


sad that there are so few comments...

Chris Cruz

@ Nahtans:

You know, I didn't want to be "that one" to go there, but the lack of comments, especially with the number of posts Rod has done, is just pathetic. Meanwhile...Ray J is still getting posts and the usual suspects are in the model post debating his facial expression. Give me a break, people.

It's really a shame, too. We're always complaining that the "mainstream" gay blogs and media don't report issues of concern to black and Latino LGBTs and when they do, or when our own blogs do, very little is said. It's just like when there are hate crimes, usually not much is said.

Oh and the Prop 8 posts are orphaned too. Last year around this time, everyone was pointing their fingers at black and Latino people for Prop 8 passing.. Now, too many of us are too busy ... talking about what? Who is the latest black gay celeb to be faux 'outed' by the gay bashing black gay blogs. smh

Chris Cruz

Oh and Rod before I forget, I'm Dominican and really appreciate the quake coverage. I'm sorry the brothas are not saying anything but the work is appreciated.

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