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14 January 2010


Andy Niable

Sure. 10... out of 100.

(writing my check to the Gillibrand campaign now)


I don't believe him. He sounds like a typical, political hypocrite. Negro is just looking to maintain his bank account and stability.


He is cute at best in his answers, until he opens his moth to respond:

"I am for gay marriage. Or same-sex marriage. I don’t want to say it the wrong way. I think people are sensitive to it."

You think people are sensitive to how you say "it"?

"I don’t think it’s a great leap to go from civil unions to gay marriage "

From being treated 2nd class to first class isn't a great leap....?

"I think some of the press accounts of my record have been distorted or just been wrong."

You think, huh? You've established yourself by your votes, comments, and career. The press is just reminding you of your own actions, this time, boo-boo! You may have even gotten away blaming it on the alcohol, than the press!

Derrick from Philly

I could've sworn the story headline was, Harold Ford gives himself 10".

My mind is getting bad.

...but he'll say/do anything to get the gay vote in New York.

10 inches...there are some fools who would vote for 10 inches.


I can agree that people can, over time, change their core beliefs on this topic. My father being an example of this.

But as a politician, actions SHOULD speak louder than words. Until Ford gives proof of his new "understanding", it's all just empty promises and hot air.

M. Mark

ROFL @ Derrick


Derrick choosing a life of celibacy for the past four years, I would most def vote for 10 inches. ;)

Anyways he is to cute to be so damn stupid.

James M

This mans ego is so big he's turning uglier by the second...

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