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14 January 2010


Chitown Kev

Poor thang, got all those lies caught UP! Tellin' em' too fast.

Harold, you're better off just giving the gays as much face and body time as you can. We do like to look at your face, at least.


Talk about pissin on someone's leg and tellin em its rain while they're lookin straight at you.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!!!


People's opinions can evolve over time as they mature, they have different experiences, they broaden their social circles, etc. Arianna Huffington was a Reagan Republican, and George Wallace appointed record numbers of Blacks to Alabama government positions in his last term (after standing in the school house door to keep Blacks out just 20 years earlier.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be such a turnaround. All politicians are opportunistic almost out of necessity. That's how the game is played here in the US. Junior seems to be taking it to a new level. I could respect his position more if he was just honest about it and gave a rational explanation.

This is just smarmy.


Saw him at the airport once in NYC. Arrogant, smug, rather small, with his Barbie on his arm. But Harry is hotter than 5 alarm chili with a side of curry.


He looks good, but his past and his statements make him rude~

But hey!! Let's get some nude alone time and some sexin' goin on, I have a better position for him to run for....(LOL) or at least try to make me run from it--(LMBAO!!!)

After a couple of months to a year, maybe then someone will believe you....Maybe!

Chitown Kev

See, Harold, what you need to do is chill with all the talk and give the gays some face time.

Get out there in Chelsea and WERK it like the natural ho that you are (after all, you are a politician). The gays (of all colors) love to look at you. And I am sure that more than a few stupid queen will be thourghly convinced of your miraculous change if you do that.

Oh, and Harold, I think that you better leave the bea...uh, wife at home for these ventures. Throwing your wife up in the gays faces won't go down to well.

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