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22 January 2010


Former COGIC

Yea! Congrats Hawaii!
And where is Jim? ;)


I just got back from a long, hard day at work. Only in the age of the Internet would I first hear about the success of the Civil Unions Bill here in Hawai‘i from Rod in New York...

Anyway, this is just where we were last year at this time—civil unions having passed in one of the chambers of the legislature—except that this year, gay people and their allies have woken up to the dedicated virulence of the bigots.

The bigots, who are mostly mega-church Pentecostals, Catholics, and Mormons, came out in huge numbers this year, just like last, all wearing the same T-shirts. Last year, though, they were the Red Shirts, while this year, they are the White Shirts. Someone on their PR team must have realized that identifying with the Red Shirts, the openly violent offshoot of the KKK that remains active in South Carolina, might not play all that well in a state that is only minority white. After all, they have to pretend not to be bigots—especially to themselves.

Although the gay folks don’t ever seem to be able to come out in the same numbers as the bigots—for one thing, they aren’t nearly so well-funded—they do seem more prepared this year.

The big unknown is the governor, who is something of an oddity. She is white and from the Mainland, not locally born. She is Jewish in a state that has only a single synagogue. She is the first Republican governor since the early ’60s. She is twice divorced and childless. And, most interestingly, she is quite probably a closeted lesbian. (I have met people who claim to know her lover.)

Would she veto the bill? Probably. In her last year of office (term limited), she has taken a hard turn to viciousness, in an attempt, I am guessing, to impress the national Republicans that she might be worthy of a position in a Sarah Palin cabinet.

While the Senate passed the bill with a veto-proof majority (there are only three Republicans in the entire Senate, and, yes, that means four Democrats voted against civil unions), it passed the House last year one vote shy of a veto-proof majority.

Our lieutenant governor, a hard right evangelical Christian who will be running for governor this year, has already threatened to “have the people decide” if the bill passes and doesn’t get vetoed.

Wish us luck.



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