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13 January 2010



He's a good looking guy but i just don't feel him for some reason. He has just one look in all the pictures... oh well..


It would be nice if the male models in suits - ACTUALLY looked like they wear suits. He's a nice looking guy - but he looks 16 years old with that round face. Not sleek - as a Lanvin suit is about $7,500!


Soulkid and Kirk ...

I can see the points, he does need to change his looks, but I like the fact European magazines black male models.

But Kirk, by your definition, the only male "models" wearing Lanvin or Gucci would primarily be 30 and 4p something white guys. Its usually investment bankers and lawyers who buy these clothes, and fashionistas no?

Sorry, but most young black men, unless they are athletes or celebrities or very well heeled, usually cannot afford high end couture.


his look was intentional in these photos ...Im sure he is capable of uch more...

The suits look great


It is more or less the same look and of course the look is intentional. I'm assuming it what the photographer or art director wanted. Or else we'd be seeing something else.

Fwiw, if you look through Arena Homme, the steely facial expressions are shockingly uniform. They models are kinda like robots.Love the fashions, the styling is fabulous but sometimes I want more personality from models, just imo.

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