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13 January 2010



Things like this really put things into perspective, and allow at least me to step back and look @ life a bit...more objectively. My heart and prayers go to all of these people and their families near & far.-QH


Atheists can donate here: http://tinyurl.com/y9sl6ky

Face and Waist

Rod, this is great thanks.
I texted Yele twice today, it's not much but all i can do right now.


and if anybody wants to donate to a tough grassroots organization that has minimal overhead and 20 close partner orgs on the ground, Operation Green Leaves' website is http://www.oglhaiti.com/.

They've just set up a special fund to help individual families who they know personally, and who are desperate, so even a micro-donation can make a big difference here.

I personally know Nadine Patrice, OGL's E.D., who is a friend & colleague in the burgeoning Restoration movement. She is from Haiti, and her longtime work in helping restore forests to Haiti's ecological collapse has provided health, hope, and income for people who have little.

As she said today: "Millions of dollars have been given to the government of Haiti for more than 20 years, yet there is NO adequate fire department. That is UNACCEPTABLE."

And thanks Rod for being on top this story. I know what pain feels like, and that doesn't even begin to compare to the excruciating, body-torn pain people down there are experiencing at this very moment.


Give something people... this is truly devastating

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