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07 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

This win/lose, win/lose, overturn, sue game is tiresome. Time for a Federal Act and the states just have to suck it up.

I think we have to get past all this party politics BS when it comes to our basic rights as tax payers. We shouldn't have to find just the right politician who cozies up to us to get elected, then gives us his/her ass to kiss after, only to have to start the BS game all over again.

Not when it comes to something which should go without saying. Our basic rights as adults who simple want to live the American Dream are being denied here, like we're children, like we're another species.

We need Federal action on this all too important matter. Then we can go back to politicians deciding whether they are gonna put a power plant in our neighborhood. But on this issue, we can no longer leave to the fickle whims of limp-d*ck people who just wanna make sure they can get elected again.

Not anymore. Republican, Democrat, f*!k 'em both.

Da' Realist One

^^ I totally agree... But this also means that we as Gay people can no longer COMPROMISE on our rights as well.

Many times there's been conversations that on "what" we should fight for.

For example:
Maybe civil unions instead of marriage, people will accept it better

Maybe certain rights instead of full equality, people will accept it better

Maybe this instead of that, people will accept it better.

ITS EITHER ALL OR NOTHING, which in many instances will even test many people WITHIN the LGBT community as to how committed and serious they are about their OWN rights. I listened to the senate hearings today via the web. If you could just see the anger in people when they speak against equality, it makes you sick to your stomach.. I had to stop watching at some points because I literally wanted to break down and cry.

No more compromise, this is war.....

Taylor Siluwé

AMEN!! This IS war.

When we have Extremist Christians in America so comfortable with their oppression of America's LGBT community that they export their hate rhetoric to the motherland, we are certainly at war.

Yes. No compromise. Not anymore.

This isn't the 50's, or the 70's, and even the Aughts are over now. We are into the second decade of the new, supposedly more enlightened millennium and we are still groveling at the feet of smarmy, bigoted, sick and twisted people for the acceptance of our humanity.

Screw that!

It's time we got angry. Extremely. Angry and VOCAL about it!

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