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27 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

Wow, what a story.

I hope this doesn't put a dark cloud over her career. Just because you're a judge doesn't mean you can't find yourself in a relationship with a psycho.

Nathan James

This just reminds us that anyone, regardless of education or background, can have CRAZY enter their lives. I hope the judge can now have peace, and Nuevelle, if convicted, can get the help she needs while serving her time.

Honut Sinti



I feel for the judge. I knew someone who found himself in such a situation. He ended up having give up a six figure job in one state and move across the country just to escape this crazy. It came to the point where he felt that he was going to end up killing this person who was ruining his life. He was even starting to have fantasies about murdering this man. Last he heard, the ex just moved on to stalking and destroying some other guy's life.


This brings to mind the words "and I am telllin' yoou, I'm NOT GOIN'!". It sounds like Nuevelle has issues with being alone and insecurity to which she would do somthing that can have her thrown in jail for a long time. I hope she gets the help she needs and the judge gets the peace she needs.

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