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18 January 2010


Nathan James

Whenever the lawyers start sharpening their fangs and sending out C & D letters like the one quoted above, I seriously have to wonder why a simple statement from Mughelli refuting Sloan's claims wouldn't have been sufficient. The blogs cited in the threat of legal action were, as far as I could see, merely reporting on things said by others, in this case Sloan and Mughelli himself.

Beyond that, why do we still live in a society where being called a gay or lesbian is "Defamatory"? I cringe whenever I read the words "accused of being gay" in the media, as if homosexuality were a horrible crime, instead of a beautiful part of a person's deep nature. The fact that Mughelli's career could suffer severely in a hypermasculine venue like the NFL, says volumes about our attitudes towards gays and lesbians in public life. Was it here on Rod 2.0 I read that if every closeted gay man were suddenly revealed, each team in the NFL would have at least two gay players on them? In any event, this action by Mughelli and his legal sharks smells of overreaction. I think he doth protest too much.


Another bitter lover getting revenge in a nasty way. It makes you look worse than Mughelli. Your name, Francois Sloan, is now all over the web. Who would want to date yo azz? There is a strong possibility that you will do this again, 'cause this is how you react to a relationship that doesn't work out. Very childish and immature. No wonder he got rid of you. Grow up!!! We all experience a broken heart, but it seems you took it further (probably) because he had money and you lost your financial security and had to return to Supercuts to pay the bills. No wonder famous actors and athletes don't come out.


Whatuthink: If the famous actors and athletes came out of the closet, then they wouldn't have to worry about the Francois Sloans of the world.


@ Jim: EXACTLY! Wouldn't be a problem then!


"He was selected second-team All-Pro in 2006. Mughelli signed a six-year, $18 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. That's around the same time that Francois Sloan claims Mughelli abruptly ended their relationship."

Yes and Miss Thing is carrying on about coins. Francois wants a paycheck tho it remains to be seen if this 'relationship' really happened.


I have to agree as well.
But then again look at the community as a whole. Look how we as people of color react when someone is hinted to being Gay.

There has to be give and take on both sides - In order for people to want to be able & come out, they must have an atmosphere that is welcoming and open to RECEIVE them once they come.

We don't know the ins and outs of what truly happened in their relationship, and yes to "out" him was childish, however at the same time people need to take inventory of themselves and come to terms with who and what they are so when "accusations" like this come out, it would be non affecting to them.

The responsibility goes both ways.


Da'RealistOne is so correct: The responsibility goes both ways.

No one can force you out of the closet if you are man enough to step out on your own.

We can say this and that is childish, but living in the closet is living a lie, and lying to everyone else, so it took a "childish" action to force a man to grow up. Trying to sue will not change anything, hell it will even bring more attention to what he was trying to hide. When he does finally come out, Francois should sue him into oblivion!

Sorry, yall I just can't stand latent, DL and closet queens sometimes.

Georgia Peach

honey that top photo screams TRADE!
tell me it doesn't!

and i bet he has the fierceness in bed..but i wouldn't be surprised if he was one of those tradey butch bottoms. in thaat case, no thank u!

Derrick from Philly

I don't know, Miss Georgia...versatile guys make the best "tops" (it took me 4 decades to admit that...don't do me no good now, but still I admit it).

But anway, nobody should be forced out of the closet UNLESS they gay-bashers. Now, when it comes to intimate relationships...well, I don't know. We don't know how much time, love, energy (and maybe MONEY, honey) that Francois put into this relationship. And now he's angry after being dumped "abruptly". "Abruptly?" Is that like, "...don't be callin' me no more" click? I'd be mad too, but I aint crazy: how you like to have some angry hunk like Mughelli coming after your azz for outing him?

I know one thing, Mr Mugchelli has some fierce juicy lips...delicious.

Derrick from Philly

"Mr Mugchelli...."

I'm sorry, did I just turn him Italian? I meant, "Mr Mughelli." ....big chocolate goody.

Lord, the sight of him brings back Ben Franklin Highschool memories. I didn't go there, but my friends did...they made arrangements for me.


Thank you for not reporting yet another bogus story, Rod. A new one comes up every time some no name blogger needs to get their name out there.


@ Isis:

The black gossip blogs are fueled by homophobia and gay baiting. Most of the other black gay bloggers and black gossip site also report these so called 'outings' like they are fact. It only reinforces the belief that being gay is shameful or secretive.

I cant even begin to count how many so called outings on Trey Songz last week!

This story was probably bogus and the queen is kinda busted no? The story sounded very Basketball Jones and sorry but she had no proof whatsoever. And what if Ovie were gay or bi? What is the point in an outing unless the person is a gay basher in public?



When did I post in this thread? Is someone trying to use my name?

Anyway, I don't really have a opinion on this guy. I don't like kiss and tell, but every situation is different.




@ Isis:

Sorry I meant to wrote OSIRIS...
And I love your blog comments btw...


Frankly, who knows whether or not Ovie is gay. Unless he freely admits to being gay or some corroborating evidence surfaces, we will never truly know. However, I don't have any sympathy for him either. Being outed is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. True, it can cramp your style, but choosing to live a secret life opens you up to all sorts of complications. Yeah, your business is your business, but it's also the business of the person you chose to be involved with as well. If you are on the DL or in the closet, it's your responsibility to make sure you don't end up with a messy situation. If the story about Ovie is true, then it's his own fault that he's in this predicament. Otherwise, I don't care how this all turns out for either one of them. Hope it was all worth it.

I am more concerned about our LGBT brothers and sisters who are being snuffed out on a regular basis just for being who they are. Two messy "queens" having a public spat doesn't rank very high on my list.


Ravenback summed up my opinion of the situation. Mughelli should have just found somebody that wasn't out then if he was so paranoid about his sexuality. He finds conveniently in the category of schizophrenic guys that want to be hyper-secretive, but yet want to have their cake and eat it too. Sorry, it doesn't work that way, and when he decided to involve himself with an already out of the closet individual he should have known something was bound to occur. It is what it is in my book, plain and simple.


Way to keep these allegations in the blogsphere headlines another day!!!!


Personally, I think Francois had no right to "out" Mughelli. That's a despicable thing to do. Coming out of the closet is a decision that has to be made on an individual basis. Period. It's not up to someone else to decide for you and there are no circumstances that justify outing someone.

This Francois character makes gay people look bad in so many ways. I think that it's highly probable that part or even all of his story is bogus, which makes him look like a pathetic liar. If it is all true, he just looks mad weak and immature. He dumped you bruh; get OVER it.

Sorry for the harsh tone, but I hate people who out others.



Francois doesn't make anyone look bad. If you go around judging all people by the actions of one person, then you need to examine your own feelings about yourself or other gay folks. Remember it takes two to tango. Whatever went on between Francois and Mughelli is both of their business. Ovie may not like that Francois went public with this information, but frankly there is nothing he can do about it. If people want to live in the closet, then every action they take in life must serve that "in the closet" monster first. Mughelli was the one who was messy because he left too many loose ends untied. It is not someone else's job to keep your own nose clean. Just think of some of the people who have been outed like Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, Mark Foley, McGreevey, and Terrell Carter. They all got outed because they were messy people. If the story about Mughelli is true, then he falls into that category as well.

I don't hate people who out others even if it's something that I would never do myself. It is what it is. If you can't stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen because you just might get burned.

Sorry for the harsh tone. On second thought, I'm not sorry at all.


Ovie obviously didn't respond because this is beneath him. We're talking about a guy with an $18 million contract responding to a blogger! How stupid is that. If I had that kind of money, I'd have thrown this at my lawyer, too and said, "Go make those assholes bleed money." Way to go Ovie!
Stop pretending that because Mughelli personally didn't comment that means he hasn't "responded." Mughelli hired the attorney to file a C&D against the "bloggers". Mughelli also says he never had a "homosexual" relationship and threatened to sue. If this was truly "beneath him" he wouldn't have said or done anything. smh -RM


>Francois doesn't make anyone look bad.< Moody, you are seriously delusional. Francois is clearly some kind of revenge-a-holic or someone looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Who does this? A jilted lover? Give me a break. Ovie is successful and no one ever heard of this Francois jerk until now. I smell scam!!!


If this isn't true, why isn't Mughelli suing this Francois Sloan character?

I'm not lawyer, but a blog or any other publication printing the allegation of a complainant that comes to them isn't defamation or libel. If that were true, every newspaper in America would be sued every day. Plus, Mughelli would have to prove that these blogs published these allegations with full knowledge that they were false, with malicious intent and that Mr. Mughelli had been personally, professionally or financially damaged by them. Mr. Mughelli "feeling" personally damaged isn't enough. He would have to demonstrate clear objective evidence to show how this 'slur' has caused him or his harm. Good Luck.

He's a celebrity (though I never heard of him before this), which raises the bar further. Plus, being called gay is no longer considered automatic defamation, same way a white women can't just run to the court for redress because someone says she f*cks black men. That was once considered slander and libel too.


>If this isn't true, why isn't Mughelli suing this Francois Sloan character?<

I bet he does--or that he comes after him for harassment.


Many people posting here are doing exactly what the tired bloggers with no journalism degrees (and possible defamers) want you to do. Take speculation as fact. There is no proof that this story is even true at all. The fact that the ball player hired an attorney to do a C&D indicates nothing about his guilt! Actually, it tends to indicate more that there probably was no (or at least no physical evidence of any) gay relationship with the hairdresser, because every 1st year law student knows that evidence of truth in the statement is an absolute defense to libel/slander/defamation claims.

And those who further speculate as to his motives for hiring a lawyer just make it worse. If someone lied on me publicly, and that lie could harm me financially or socially, and I have the means to go after the person or the media that published the lie, you'd best believe I'm hiring a lawyer!

On a side note, this wealthy NFL player is FINE, and the hairdresser is BUSTED and TORE UP. Who in their right mind would believe they would have a relationship?


I'm a die-hard Falcons fan and love Mughelli. He is a classy dude. I'm not saying that you are telling the truth. Copies of tickets a receipts don't prove a thing. Hell, you could have been raiding the trash or working maid service. If it is true, Dude you were wrong for that posting. You were not hurt you are just a drama Queen. There are several athlete who are gay and it's people like you that damage the gay life style. To take this approach you seem to be ashamed. In any life style, when people make money they move on. Get over it..If you really loved him you wouldn't have done this and if you two were truly lovers he may have came back to you one day but now...NO One should want to be with you. YOU WERE WRONG.

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