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08 January 2010



Fantastic news! The whole Iberian Peninsula now....

Taylor Siluwé


Are you watching this Obama? We need a Federal Act from the top, then all this back and forth with the individual states will cease.

But I guess America never really was a leader in civil rights, was it?



We have changed our minds about America. Before we were a superpower that was willing to stand up in the world, for justice.

Now, we are just a country of self-absorbed capitalists who all want to be famous for no apparent reason. It's crazy that MEXICO, SPAIN, SOUTH AFRICA, PORTUGAL and so many other places are ahead of us on the idea of EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL OF ITS CITIZENS!

It's pissing me off to be in NJ right about now! I am having MOVE-MOMENTS right about now, but NY isn't any better! So I guess I need to look at CT or up!


Thank you Rev Kev!

This is another embarrassment for the U.S. The notion that we were the world leader on social issues has finally been debunked. Its an absolute disgrace that this country continues to believe in discrimination and sexual segregation.

2010 must be the beginning when all LGBT voters put the dems on final notice...."no more dependence on our support, financial or otherwise....either deliver the goods or face the consequences". No more playing nice, no more political correctness. The gloves must come off this year and beyond and they need to be reminded every day we face inequality.

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