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06 January 2010


Mel Smith

I think it is important that black gay folks speak out against Harold Ford running against Senator Gillibrand. All gay folks must speak against Ford, especially black gays.


He's the anti-obama in every way.


Harold Ford running for the Senate in New York? It is the most absurd idea I have heard in a while. Ford is much too conservative for ALL New York Democrats, not just gay Democrats, so I can't see how he'd be competitive in a primary.

Ford moved to Manhattan 3 years ago to work for Merrill Lynch on WALL STREET, before "The Lynch" was "saved" by Bank of America. So how is being a Wall Street insider going to win Ford any support among Democrats?

After he ran as a Christian Conservative for the Tennessee Senate seat in 2006 and lost, Ford became Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council. The DLC -- also known as the "Democratic Leisure Class" -- was founded in 1985 after the Reagan won a 49-state landslide in the 1984 election. The DLC's mission was to move the Democratic Party in a more conservative direction. Its leaders have always been from the Lieberman wing.

I am a Harlem resident who is NO big fan of Kirsten Gillibrand, but I will volunteer for her campaign if Ford challenges her for the nomination.

Danny Rivera

((waving fan @ Mel Smith and Harlemboy))

"Ford is much too conservative for ALL New York Democrats, not just gay Democrats, so I can't see how he'd be competitive in a primary."

Preach brothas! Preach!
Anti gay, anti choice and pro business. We held our nose and supported you for senate in 2006 in Tennessee...but you are not bringing it for New York.

And has anyone ever lost a senate race in one state and went ahead to campaign in another?

Oh and if this doesnt prove that Bloomberg is a S.O.B. what does?


What an A*hole Bloomberg is. He's getting revenge because Gov. Paterson didn't pick his friend, Caroline Kennedy? Entitlement much?

There are politicians I don't like and then there are politicians like Lieberman and Harold Ford,Jr. that disgusts me in every way. I can't even watch tv when they're on.

Why anyone would think this carpetbagging,homo-hating, Wall Street tool could win NY is beyond me. They're accusing Gillibrand of abadoning her upstate conservative cred, but Ford would have to pretty much renounce every thing he's ever stood for or ran on to even be viable. And, he wouldn't be viable.

I won't lie, the fact that this jerk was brought down through race baiting in TN gave me a little scheudenfrude. He was willing to vilify gay people and vote against our rights as surely as any Republican, but the same brand of bigotry was his undoing.

He needs to go cash his Merrill Lynch stimulus paycheck, go buy something pretty for one of his harem of white women and then sit down.

Baltimore Femme

>>He needs to go cash his Merrill Lynch stimulus paycheck, go buy something pretty for one of his harem of white women and then sit down.

Y'all aint nothing nice up in here, up in here ... lol

I love it and you all are spot on about Harold Ford. Don't let the good looks fool ya, he is snake and no friend of the gays,

Carry on children!

Taylor Siluwé

Thanx for the low down on Ford, guys. I'm surprised I didn't know his lengthy anti-gay record until now, having never been in a position to vote for him.

As for Bloomberg, always hated him, no news flash there. As a Jersey boy, I didn't get the chance to vote against his third term, but as we can see his mission is clearly not to improve the lives of ALL New Yorkers.

With Bloomy backing him, and with people being so easily deluded into voting stupid, its gonna take all of us (not just the white gay establishment) shouting our distaste of Harold Ford to stop Bloomy from crushing the competition (again) with tons of money.

Chitown Kev

Pretty, Harold Ford is. Even got a few of the towleroad queens swooning...

Make no mistake about it, though, this is bad news for the gay community in NY and especially the black gay community.

Bloomberg has race-baited and shucked and jived his way through the marriage equality issue before, so he doen't surprise me, bu who are these high profile Democratic donors. I mean, the Rethugs don't even really have a candidate for this Senate seat, do they.


Someone needs to 'educate' Harold Ford to the fact that hate is hate. Whether its raced-based or directed towards one's sexual orientation, it's one and the same. Unless he's going to announce to the public that he's seeking to represent only hetersexuals, and not the LGBT voters of New York, he should not run. However, a message also needs to be conveyed to black folk (me being one) that it takes more than being black to earn a free ride.

alicia banks

i hate this gaybashing pink oj!

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