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09 January 2010


W. Lotus

The bigots are afraid the rest of the country will view same-sex-loving people as normal human beings deserving of civil rights, which would effectively kill their campaign of hate.


@ W. Lotus

EXACTLY! They know that folks out there have hearts and deep down they are NOT vile inhumane beings. People will hear the appeals of same-sex couples and will sympathize with them. Thats why bigots don't want folks to see it. I hope the judges dismiss this BOGUS request.

Da' Realist One

Isnt this the same justice though that isnt all that cool with the GLBT people? (im not sure, thats why I'm asking)

In the past, the Supreme Court has had opportunities to hear GLBT related cases and they rejected them. If they pick this issue up for me it will show bias against us becuase they didnt seem to enthused to try and hear other GBLT related issues in the past..
It'll be interesting to see how they play this out.


It looks like they don't want anyone to see the face of their hate. They want to say they are against same-sex marriage without expirencing the "Prejean Effect".

Think about it: They have to say for the world to see that they are openly against something that the world is changing to promote, and the world will see them for who they really are, under oath. And for that, many people will start to distance themselves from the people who openly show this hatred. Progressive change is coming faster than ever for all couples the right to marry!

Lawyers for Proposition 8's backers opposed video recording the trial, saying they feared witnesses may restrain or alter their testimony if cameras are present in the courtroom.

They aren't afraid of what "we" have to say, its they are afraid of what will be said about them for saying what they are going to say.

Think about it.....

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