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11 January 2010



I have always liked Ray J.

Many people will be surprised to find that he's a VERY SAVVY businessman, who probably has more net worth than artist selling 10x the records as him.

He's a good brother with a great heart and always shows love when I see out (last time on a flight to LA).


I hope its not a public relations advice. I hope he really feels that way but we will never know. But he handled it well.

Chris Cruz

"Public relations" advice means how you deal with the public. It doesnt really matter if that's how he "really" feels or if that was his advice. I think he handled it well. There are plenty of people (ie certain politicians) who may "really" be sympathetic to gays but are publicly told to do the opposite. Actions speak louder than words and Ray J's actions and words are very good.


i am a Ray J stan. That boy is bad and it shows! Most other brothas would have went off and gaybashed to prove their masculineity but naw Ray j kept it cool, love him with his sexy self!


lets see there's also a tape of him with Kim kardashian... he handled this well..

HUM 2023

So this random broad uses homosexuality as a way to defame and demean a heterosexual man. Good to know that Homosexuality is a joke and an insult that she thinks she can just bandy about and use to ruin a otherwise respectable young man.

What a disgrace and a pathetic excuse for a woman.


Whatever the case is, the statement is carefully worded and greatly appreciated. At least he cared enough not to offend us.


Yall know that Danger girl is NUTTIER than a FRUITCAKE! You have to take the mess she says with a grain of salt! That thang lost custody of her new born child, because she's CRAZY!! LOL!


@ Freeleo:I agree. I like this response by Ray J.

@ Isis:Yes, Miss Danger is definitely a little mental, you can't believe anything she says. I'm surprised people even believed her.

@ Rod:Nice to see Ray J and some of the 'hood news on the blog. Keep it up lol


Well I was NEVER a Ray J fan. I don't listen to his music. I don't follow his show. I don't follow his career. But I think he handled this very well and in a very mature manner. This sort of reminds me of another RnB singer recently having to defend their sexuality. Though I think this person handled it a bit too roughly in trying to defend their sexuality, that person still showed that they are an ally and supporter of our community stating they would continue to visit LGBT events and venues. I completely understand that not wanting to be considered Gay is not always about hate, you just don't want to be confused for something you know you're not. I HATE it when people confuse me for straight. They don't like it when they are confused for gay. Nice comments.

Oh an much agreed @HUM 2023. Could not have put it better myself.


I really don't care what he says, he will always be lame and vile YUK!


That response was fake! If you have to keep boasting that you got females over and over, you trying to cover. He protest too much. Negro is a fruit and everyone in LA knows.



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