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08 January 2010


Derrick from Philly

I just "googled" Harold Ford Jr and Ford Sr. I spent about a half an hour reading about their family which has been prominent in Tennessee politics since Reconstruction. I have to respect them (for historical reasons which nobody else would care about but me), but I don't like them.

I think Ford's anti-gay stance is real; it's not just because he came from a conservative state, represented a conservative religious Memphis community, or always had plans to run for higher Tennessee office--so he turned politically to the Right (like some other Democrats do--but I won't fight that fight today).

His family seems like just the type in which a black gay man would have to stay in the closet: well known, tightly knit, with high expectations for each new generation (you know, reputation to uphold).

There are a lot of men/boys in the Ford family--don't tell me none of them are gay. I'm not talking about Harold, but certainly with 3 brothers, all those male 1st cousins--the family seems loaded with men. Somebody's got to be gay.

....must be awful: to be from a prominent black upper middle-class (that's been middle-class since slavery ended), financially secure, and 4th generation college educated--but not dare come out the closet.

Then again, maybe my imagination has just run wild on "screenplay mode" this afternoon.


@ Derrick from Philly

But it's the 21st century now.

Anyway, he's married to a white woman-interesting. What ethnicity are they? A mixture of Afro American and White American?

Barack Obama is actually halk African black and White American. He doesn't come from a history of Afro American slavery but yet he married a dark skinned Afro American woman.

If the NY blacks OR gays let this opportunist in? Well they have themseleves to blame for their stupidity.

Matthew Rettenmund

He would be almost as disastrous as a Republican. He would be our own Joe Lieberman, except by virtue of his race would be an even more effective tool vs. President Obama's agenda.

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