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20 January 2010


Garçon Stupide

It still makes me sad to think about how badly that poor child was treated - humiliated on the world stage through no fault of her own. :(

Jennifer Jones

This makes me wonder if this is another form of discrimination. I wonder how the Committee handled intersexed and/or androgynous individuals before we were able to do genetic testing? I think about the humiliation people are going to face if their gender comes into question. I just think this is a bad idea all around.


I agree with Jennifer in that I believe this sounds like another form of discrimination. People who are born intersexed are born that way no fault of their own and societies across the globe treats these very normal, whatever that is anyway, people like they are mistakes or should be ashamed of who they are. Frustrates me to say the least, makes my blood boil to say the most. I really feel like this is unnecessary.



Not only is it another horrific form of discrimination, it is the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard AND a waste of resources and revenues.

A special medical center? Really? For sexual verification? Really? The young lady didn't even KNOW about anything going on in her OWN body until someone else decided to "out" her and THEN they leaked out the results! COME ON!

ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY! If I have no real beliefs that the world could end soon, it is the ways that the world is continuing to hate on and vilify LGBT people and anyone perceived to be so! This is enough to cause God to send 2 angels to check and see if there is any good left on the Earth!

We've got to do better!!! It's like with Haiti. NO ONE wanted to fight for Haiti when they were crying for ASYLUM years ago and this earthquake has FORCED the US to deal with a people that it was sending back home after days in the water!


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