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14 January 2010


Face and Waist

Teddy's music was just absolutely incredible. I grew up with and it has given me so much joy. And I almost totally forgot about what happened in that car crash. That was a different time, people heard about it but didnt say much.

RIP Teddy


While I didn't follow Mr. Pendergrass intently, I always respected him & his contributions to music, this is extremely sad to hear. I'm surprised, I knew he had had complications from his '82 stage accident, but I didn't know he had cancer.

My Dad is only seven years younger, so this made me really think how young Mr. Pendergrass was. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans.-QH


My parents loved Teddy and I grew up listening to that beautiful voice. I still swoon when I hear Love TKO. I also remember being a little boy and watching him on tv. I was too young to realize why I loved watching him, but I knew I really really enjoyed watching him. Of course I know why now. Even at around 8 years old, I knew he was sexy as hell.


Another Love T.K.O.!

Words cannot express what that man's voice still does to me after so many years! All those great songs and sweeping Gamble & Huff arrangements still turn me inside out! I still listen to Teddy on the regular, and to say that he was one of my favorite male singers is an understatement. Our great female singers are known for singing from the heart & soul with great emotion, while most of our brothas were often restrained. But, Teddy wasn't afraid to lay it on the line and let it rip, and for that, I will always love him! His whole catalogue should be required listening for all these young boys TRYING to sing! Teddy Pendergrass was and is still the TRUTH!

Turn Out The Lights and Close The Door: R.I.P. Teddy Bear!


He will be greatly missed by all


Unlike the songs of many of today’s male R&B crooners, Pendergrass’ music bordered on eroticism without explicit lyrics or coarse language — just through the raw emotion in his voice.

Derrick from Philly

I guess he was to Philadelphia, what Marvin Gaye & Smokey Robinson were to Detroit, what Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls were to Chicago, what Otis Reading was to the whole state of Georgia. He was ours...of course, we shared.


What a voice. Am loving listening to Philly radio today with extended sets of his great music. R.I.P.


a male R/B singer that could actually sing..can you imagine any singer today having the chops to replicate any of his song??

Honut Sinti

Teddy was a fabulous singer. RIP.

@ Robert: The only young singer that I think can approximate Teddy's talent is Johnny Gill. Yet, we haven't heard any music from Johnny in a while.


Teddy, you will certainly be missed. A master of muscular R&B...they don't make 'em like you anymore...


My god, check this out:


Ive been you tubing him continously ...have to find my greatest hits album as well. He was so sexy and his music ...no words

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