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28 January 2010



The comments on the linked article are horrible. Just pure trash so bad I'm sorely tempted to not even wade in. Ugh.

At least the main text got pronouns right. How sad is that though? They can't say it's rape, they frame her as a chronic complainer, insinuate that she's a prostitute, and let people smear her all over in the comments... But at least they got her pronouns right!



she is finally a lot of lawsuits
i'm just sayin she might want a paycheck


I'll decline to read the nasty Daily News' comments. I'll take your word for it. If she didn't call the police with Green, the football player, that weakens her case, but then you can see how the police behaved in her later complaint. I can understand why.

But, if she went back to his condo, then she'll able recount details about his home and his body I'm sure. Since Green's defense is probably going to be that he's never met this person, it should be interesting to see he explains her intimate knowledge of him.

Sadly, this is common practice for the police when it comes to transgendered people. It's like they're not even human beings to them. When is a strip search par for the course for a trespassing charge? The cops should be fired, but will probably keep their jobs and why do I have a feeling those female cops were black.

Lang B

Someone please explain- You go back to someone's condo to do the same thing you were doing at the casino. I am not advocating rape but I question this whole situation. People of all sexualities and genders are geting really desperate for cash nowadays. I had a friend who was extremely litigious, so maybe I am biased.

Derrick from Philly

I wish Ms Mavilla luck with both her lawsuits. Some trade is awful and Eric Green is proof of that.

If you have an inking that someone is trans (pre or post-operative), then you leave them the f.ck alone. Don't pretend like you didn't know just so you can humilate, transbash or kill. And often it has nothing to do with looking biologically "real"--Transwomen are often propositioned in location where the straight motha' f-cka' knew only transwoman freguent.

Many transwomen can tell you about baastards that knew the transwoman's "T" before they ever "came together".


"I am not advocating rape" good! "but I question this whole situation." Oh! Questioning the victim's integrity! NOT the same as "hey guys, he's innocent until proven guilty, hold on." "I had a friend who was extremely litigious, so maybe I am biased." You may be on to something.


so lets say she went back with the intent of getting it on. Gets back there, starts thinking about it and a few minutes later decides, "No, I really don't want to do this."

If she tells him no, this is rape. period. Even if they were deep into it and she decided she wanted to stop, it'd be rape if he kept going. Consent is a continuing thing, just because you possibly sorta got it once, doesn't mean you can just disregard if someone retracts it.

Even with all of that, there's no mention of WHY she went back there. Everyone is assuming.


I have no idea if he raped her or not, that's for the court to decide. A charge a year later is unlikely to go anywhere, but she can always file a civil suit. If they met in a casino, there might still be surveilance video and as I stated, if she went to his condo and had sex with him, consensual or not, then she's gonna have a great number of intimate details about him and his home. He'd have to acknowledge that they had consensual sex, but he didn't rape her. NFL player?! I don't see that happening. More like a settlement to make it all go away.


This sounds like a woman trying to get a check.

Baltimore Femme

@ mjolnir202:

Because NFL or NBA players are never charged with rape, assault, or even murder? On the contrary many NFL players have been charged with rape even against minors

" Ex-NFL linebacker and former Pasco High School star Darren DeWayne Grant, better known as Darren Hambrick...Hambrick faces charges of domestic battery, sexual battery, false imprisonment ..."


"According to Benedict and Yaeger, 21 percent of NFL players -- more than one in five -- have been charged with at least one serious crime, including two murder arrests, seven rape charges, 45 counts of domestic violence and 42 charges of assault and battery."

"In April 1997, the St. Louis Rams selected Texas Christian University center Ryan Tucker in the fourth round of the NFL draft. At the time, Tucker was awaiting trial for an assault that left the victim paralyzed and brain-damaged. When asked about Tucker's legal difficulties, coach Dick Vermeil replied, "He can finish a fight. That's a positive.""


The comments here are shameless and just as bad as the newspaper.

Derrick from Philly

Straight guys sure love anal sex, don't they? Even when they have the "privates option".

Baltimore Femme

@ Lang B : I am not advocating rape but I question this whole situation.

How very kind of you not to "advocate rape"!

@ D: she is finally a lot of lawsuits

Maybe because as a Latina transgender woman, she is often harassed or abused? Did you read the Amnesty link about NYPD anti trans brutality? And it seems at this site there are always stories about black "T" sistahs who are killed and there killers are never found.

@ mjolnir202:

I'm still gagging that you dont think an "NFL player" would be accused of sexual assault or a violent crime against a woman. Google is your friend, dear.


Have you heard of Kobe Bryant?
What about Rae Carruth?

is it that folks think ballers are so hot they het azz thrown at them left and right ... or bc its a trans sistah? I'm thinking its because she is trans.

I mean, there is no shortage of NFL and NBA players accused of violent crimes, rape and murder...pulling guns on teammates. And who is to question why she went to ccondo

Nathan James

The NYPD and NYDOC both have long histories of abusing transgendered people in their custody. Moreover, when transgenders call the NYPD, the cops often don't take them seriously. This extends even to NYC's hospitals, long known to be hetero-normative and hostile to LGBT's in general and transgendered people in particular. So I have no difficulty in understanding why Mavilia may have been loath to report Green's actions to the police.

Transgendered persons are so marginalized, ridiculed, and ignored by society (as the comments below the NYDN article make clear), that the treatment Mavilia suffered at Green's hands (and later, by the NYPD/NYCDOC) is quite common. I, too, wonder why a simple trespassing charge called for a strip search and a trip "through the system" for Mavilia. In NYC, trespass can be handled with a summons (in lieu of arrest). But I do know that transgendered people face astonishing levels of cruelty at the hands of our legal system. I hope Mavilia gets her day in court, and wins her litigation.


This is somewhat off subject: But I hit the link to the Daily News. I only read a few of the idiotic comments and didn't care to read further. I do know that newspapers are struggling right now, and many of them are adding the comment features...Ya know..they really need to stop and just leave the comment sections to blogs and such. It seems that mostly racists, homophobes, jesus nuts, and all around idiots take time to comment...no matter what paper it is.


Oh hi Freeleo! Hi Lang B!

No surprise the same gay black "men" who rush to defend teenaged girlfriend biter and puncher CHRIS BROWN are now attacking this trans woman without even hearing the evidence.

You queens are a bit much. That transgender woman in Memphis had a POLICE SURVEILLANCE tape showing cops beating her. And they knew they were on camera and didnt care. Chris Brown beat up and bit his gf who is POP STAR. Gilbert Arenas pulled a GUN on another NBA player. Plaxico had a GUN at the club.

And you're fixing your mouths to say a Dlist second string baller would never force himself on a trans woman? Or that NYPD wooild never humiliate her? Or are trans women so desperate they would beg for it from a baller.

I think we all can see who is in love and obsessed with str8 black male celebrities who would NEVER give them the time of day. NEVER. But defend them anyway and never ever speak out gay rights.

Derrick from Philly

Hi, Baltimore:

I'm pretty mjolnir202 is on our side here. He's saying that an NFL player (or any athlete...or any straight motha' fudda', for that matter) would rather pay off an trans or gay accuser than go to court.

I just hope that Ms Mavilla can win...something. And she and other transfolk who come forward to testify against abusers (especially cops) are brave.


@ Rod Sorry typos

Can you fix that to: "Or that NYPD would never humiliate her?" Thanks!

Derrick from Philly

"I'm pretty SURE mjolnir202 is on our side"

is what I meant to say. My proof reading skills are often not on my side.

Rod Mc

Hello All.

I'm having some problems with filtering comments and a few of your comments have been randomly held. In case this happens, please don't be upset. I'm trying to solve it, thanks! -RM


I despise rape against anyone, male/female trans or not on every single level. It is vile, disgusting, evil, pure wickedness and...let's just say I really don't like it or the "persons" that commit it. IF this is true, shown to be true, I hope this guy gets the book thrown at him and he's thrown up under the jail. IF it comes out that she's lying, I hope she is held fully responsible for that as rape should be considered a very serious thing. I didn't bother looking at the comments at the Daily, I've seen enough homophobic/transphobic comments and heard enough of them to keep me for a life time and I don't want to have to go out and strangle the first straight person I see because I'm so angry over the ignorance and pure vile, evil and disgusting things some low life insecure desperate homophobe has to say about my community. I can only hope that any gay/lesbian person who has had something to say about this has enough sense not to be transphobic themselves sense we are all members of the same community…


Some of you seem to be very knowledgeable of the negative outcomes of dealing with pro-athletes. The list is great. How does a 38 year old woman meet a drunken man, more then 10 years her junior, then go back to his room in the middle of the night and cry rape? That's going to be the hard part to prove. That's the question the defense attorney is going to ask.

Personally, I've never advocated for any athlete or celebrity. I'm an advocate for common sense. If a man hits you once, he will likely hit you again. You should avoid this man at all cost. No one should venture off with a strange drunk man that they meet at a casino or bar just because he's a semi-celebrity and attractive.

At what point do we begin to take responsibility for at least some of our actions?

I would hardly consider myself celebrity obsessed. Perhaps that label is better leveled at some, not all, of people who find themselves their victims.


10 million, really?

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Perhaps I misunderstood a previous comment. Please correct me if I have; but isn't the alleged accuser "innocent until proven guilty?". Looking for clarification of the point.


@Baltimore Femme- Please re-read what I wrote. Did I say he didn't rape her? Did I say that this was impossible because he's professional athlete? Just deal with the facts as I state them, not as you imagine them. The reason I mentioned "NFL player" is because I believe he's unwilling to admit that he was looking for a transgendered woman to have sex, whether willingly or unwillingly. In that hypermasculine atmosphere, murder or wifebeating are more acceptable admissions.

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