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04 January 2010


Taylor Siluwé

More great news that gets far too little press.

Greg G

Excellent news. I know a lot of people are very happy in Houston right now. And rightly so!


“Mayor Parker, would you and Ms. Hubbard please join me at the podium for the administration of the oath of office?”

You have to admit, that is quite cool.

And there was not a single fire-breathing hate-filled greed-motivated pastor to be heard anywhere inside the hall.

The pastors and their paymasters remain hopeful that they will one day exterminate justice in this land once and for all; but for now, a brief moment of peace.


Yes Jim, that was freakin cool,..I would have liked to see a kiss on the lips after the swearing in, but erring on the side of modesty is never wrong. Congrats Annise Parker!

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