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11 January 2010



I think he will flip flop again if he is elected(very doubtful).


He is such a lying sack of crap!! He is so unaware that nowdays one can simply Google his name and read all his interviews and votes against the lgbt community. This sudden about face to endear himself is disgusting.

I wonder what gay the democratic committee is gonna pull out to put Ford next to, to show/claim how he is a friend of the community? They've already started their "revamp the homo hater" campaign with this "about face" interview. They must really want Gillibrand out.


Here we go again with the old okey doke...Bloomberg and the Republicans trying to split the black vote. I guess Ford will suddenly be pro-choice too..and claim he was always for that? smh


I would often watch him on MSNBC's Morning Joe during the presidential campaigns...anyone else notice his hair was often full of beaddy beads?? I guess the white women like that.


What a tool. Does he expect us to believe him? Lying politicians catering to the gays for votes. How cliche...........

Marco Polo


"Beaddy Beads"... Now there's a term I hadn't heard in a long time.

But seriously, this guy is gross. He's also dumb if he thinks anyone is buying this.

Joseph Reaves

I hate insincere support


You know, as much as I have a basic disdain for politicians in general, I can respect those most who aren't so damn wishy-washy on WHO they are and WHAT they believe or HOW they vote, etc. If you're bigoted, be that! Show ONE face! Is that so difficult? At least with former president Bush, as disdainful and tasteless as his views were to me, didn't we at least always know out of what bag he was pulling from??! This Harold Ford Jr. cat is grotesquely underestimating people's common sense.


I would like to spend a quiet intimate weekend with Harold Ford to personally determine just how open he is to gays.


beaddy beads....rothlmbao...Martinnnn u so crazy!

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