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29 January 2010


Greg G

It doesn't offend me it's just tacky


another flaming black gay man swishing across the screen. yesm very original and creative. NOT!

mabe thats why it was rejected!




But Findley, if it were about the ad having to be ORIGINAL and CREATIVE, many of those stupid ads would be rejected!

This is about the NFL not wanting this NAME/IMAGE anywhere near ANYTHING perceived to be gay!


Yes, it was corny and derivative and tacky, but it was GODADDY.COM and THEY WERE SPENDING THE SUPERBOWL DUCKETS. They will take an anti-abortion ad and take that kind of side/stance, saying it has nothing to do with money but run from this ad? It's all a crock.

Thank God Bob Sanders and Darren Sharper are playing because it it weren't for the game AND the eye candy, I'd not be watching. I actually turn the channel on commercials during the SuperBowl because I get sick of the silly and sometimes just outright stupid spots that get on the air!

Byron Monte

whatever...so stupid..glad it got rejected. who cares.

Derrick from Philly

I think the folks at CBS may have been afraid of offending two groups.

Well, if it was just for us gays I'd like it. Some of the imagery was hilarious...if it were just a select viewing audience--like at a Gay & Lesbian Film Festival...or maybe just a Queen Film Festival. (i'm still laughing--an ex-pro football player turned flaming queen. I bet there are a few)

...but I know some big queens that will fight trade...fight two or three rough trade at one time.


They didn't like it because it cuts too close to home:-) The ad is what it is. If the guy wasn't an ex-football player they would would have taken the coins and put this Miss Thing on the boobtube, without nary a word.


hypocracy still at its finest!


There's no way CBS could put this on with all the controversy they've been having lately and they knew it. GoDaddy.com got all the attention for free without spending the millions for a Superbowl ad. Everything they wanted.

Mr. John Thomas

The execs finally made a smart move and killed this one before any bitter protests erupted. This would have been a disaster. Though, the blood-sucking press would have licked it up for all it's worth. In the end, us black men would have been the ones primarily hurt by it all. Glad this isn't happening.

I love this site. I also read loldarian.com. Is he stealing material from here, or is it just a coincidence that everytime I read something on here I can check his page 5 minutes later and find the same story? Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'm just glad to get the news.


The commercial was a spoof.
No need for you "politically correct" liberal gays to cry and run to the PC police everytime someone makes a joke.It wasn't homophobic. I suppose the next thing you're going to say is that it was racist? The star was a black man!


GBM and GOP please tell me I'm seeing things or you had a typo or maybe you are joking.


The punchline is that a football player would dare to be feminine. Don't act like rooms full of men aren't going to laugh at this commercial becuase they view being effeminate as wrong, disgusting, etc.

It is homophobic. Is it the most violent worse homophobia ever seen on tv, no.


They probably rejected this ad because of how offensive it was on so many levels.

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