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19 January 2010



Now I don't understand this. I think RCC should continue to go to the island. I have been to Labadee and it employs many Haitian people. I tried to get out of the resort but they blocked me. I really wanted to be with the people but it is so isolated I only could meet the Haitian's at the resort.

People paid months in advance for the vacation so I don't see the problem with them going there. Right now Haiti needs money bad and supplies. The cruise line brings both.



Just really?! WOW. Just DAMN!

I, too, have no understanding in this!


Sorry, I think this is just gross.


I agree 100% with the first brother. Those people paid for that vacation probably months in advance. Because they are vacationing doesn't mean they haven't donated money to the needy of Haiti. It makes no sense not to go. It also sends a message to the world that parts of the country are still up and running. They will need all the support they can get. Tourism will be one of the things that will help rebuild Haiti. In spite of the worst tragedies life goes one.

Carter G

Of course they probably paid for their precious vacation months in advance ... but Royal Caribbean could have easily switched ports of call without cost. And if RC really wanted to be help, they surely could have continued to pay the locals and made a sizeable donation to the relief effort.

I understand Haiti wants the economy to grow, but the proximity to the earthquake is just too distasteful.

Baltimore Femme

why not just change the port of call?


The majority of the Caribbean is impoverished (poverty-stricken). These islands in the Caribbean main source of income is usually tourism.

For those who said they should have chosen another port of call, what other port could one choose that is not poverty-stricken? Do we stop going to all of them just because there is some form or another of crisis? (just a question) Some of these Carribean Islands see looting day and night (in certain neighborhoods) however its because of the travel industry (planes and cruise ships) that causes a lot of the locals to be able to eat and make a halfway decent living.

Right now, the disaster in Port-Au-Prince is localized. If you dont support the rest of the Island including their next door neighbor the Dominican Republic(via cruise ships and the like) there could be a NATIONAL pandemic spread throught the entire island of Hispaniola scambling for food, clothes and shelter.

I do agree that it is sad that the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort— is still en route from Baltimore and won't arrive until Wednesday. It would be nice if they could speed it up a bit however I dont know the reasons behind that particular ship is running so slow.

Just my thoughts.


As a caribbean national who lives in a country that is dependent on tourism I remain apalled that they chose to "enjoy' a luxurious vacation at LABADEE. In my opinion the correct thing to do was to donate ( if they chose to) the maount they would have spent on this stop and continue elswhere.

Yes Haiti could benefit from their money but I think that luxuraiting inn one exclusive part of this overall very poor country AT THIS PARTICULR TIME while so many dont know where they next meal is coming from is highly insenstive and abhorrent.

I cant imagine that anyone would want to vacation there RIGHT NOW an think that it is ok!

If I go to Hiati right now Im going to help not to lie on the beach


Please do not assume that people in the caribbean are looking to make money at all costs. Being poor does not mean that one has no principles.
And I in turn will not assume that all tourists are this unfeeling and insensitive.


So what about the people living in Labadee? Are they suppose to stop making a living or just living period because this travesty happened? What if everyone in America stopped living when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans or when the world trade centers collapsed in NYC? New Orleans bounced back rather quickly because of tourism from Mardi Gras that happened a few months after Katrina hit.

What I'm saying is the whole country shouldn't suffer because one city has a misfortune.


"So what about the people living in Labadee? Are they suppose to stop making a living or just living period because this travesty happened? ...What I'm saying is the whole country shouldn't suffer because one city has a misfortune."

There are no "people living in Ladabee". It's a private beach owned by the cruise lines. When the ships come, locals come into the compound to work and sell trinkets.

What you don't understand is that PAP is more than "one city" in Haiti. It's the capital and HAD the majority of the country's population.

I'm not sure what the cruise lines should do, but the ships, a few jobs and few people selling t shirts will bring very little to the nation's economy. The "misfortune" you spoke of has killed 200,000+ and pretty much wiped out ad entire modern city. It's no way comparable to 9/11, where millions of other people could continue to live and work in NYC.

FWIW, I don't think moving the port of call to another location would have been major. But he Haitian govt apparently did not want this.


Rod...what makes this even MORE interesting is that it's an ATLANTIS Gay Cruise there TODAY!.. The Liberty of the Seas dropped anchor today (the 19th)..... Atlantis sold the Presidential Suite on the cruise for $10,000 with the proceeds going to the relief fund....



Oh and the entire "country of Haiti" is suffering, perhaps you haven't heard. 200,000 dead, millions homeless ... ?


While it wouldn't put a smile on my face to be lying on a sunkissed beach so close to such human suffering, I don't see how the cruise ships going elsewhere would help the situation. The Haitian government wants them there and there are 230 people who will most definitely be penniless without these tourists.

Those saying Royal Caribbean should just pay the workers, for how long? It's not like Haiti is going to rebuilt tomorrow or even next year. No, what would happen is that all the tourism would dry up and Labadee would be barren and all because this offends the delicate sensibilities of some well fed Americans. These Haitian workers need to survive long after the charity's gone and CNN has moved on to whoever Tiger Woods is boning this summer.


The poverty and suffering in Haiti began long before the earthquake. The difference in wealth and comfort between even a middle class American on a cruise and the average Haitian was shocking for more than a century before the earthquake.

All the earthquake does is highlight this scandalous difference. But the difference was already scandalous.

So, should the cruise lines have been stopping in Haiti in the first place?

Instead of asking that, let’s ask this:

Should the poverty and suffering in Haiti exist with so many in the United States living in wasteful affluence just 500 miles away?


There is a time and place for everything but sadly alot of us have lost that sense of propriety.


Come on people, lets be realistic. RCL remains the biggest source of tourism revenue for Haiti, so why should they stop it, even temporarily? This country needs all of the revenue they can get.

Additionally, when Katrina hit New Orleans and Thousands died, did this stop ALL tourism travel to the United States? No, I don't think it did! People still visited New York, LA, Miami, etc.


And many of you still attended Atlanta's Black Gay Pride the week following Hurricane Katrina although complete devastation just occurred in New Orleans in this country.


Grant rather its 1000000 or 50000000 its still money that Haiti desperately needs right now since how you put it the whole country basically lives in POP. If you watch the news all the media, congress and even Haitian people says Haiti needs money. They don't need people sitting back feeling sorry and pity when they can make a difference. Goodness some people are so self righteous.


As a Jamaican living in Jamaica, I know what the cruise visit means for a town that is dependent on cruise tourism. The truth is that the people employed at Labadee would hurt worse if the ships didn't come. The interests of the Haitians are better served by the ships visiting than diverting to Dom Rep or even Ocho Rios, much as I would like to see the revenue in Jamaica. I understand people's distaste at the situation, but the truth is that if RCL was act in accordance with your feelings, you don't have to live with the consequences of your principled objections. The Haitians do.


Ive donated quite a bit without lounging around on a beach IN HAITI. I stand by my opinion. I did not and would not go To new orleans to party until things were better. I would however go to help. But thats just me!

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