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06 January 2010




Don't blame it on the ghetto, hon. You're just a mess.

Oh and is that a jersey wrap she is serving is? child.....

Face and Waist




with all that foolishness he'd better know how to sew.

Mikhail Adkins

Isn't there always at least one standout character on these type of shows...equal opportunity?


...I'm sorry...but it WAS funny, I'm gonna give a pass until I see more...and guess what? ...it IS hell being black and gay in the ghetto, so far, he ain't never lied..so I'mma try real hard not to overeact and give the benefit of the doubt...I ain't mad at him...yet, and anyhow what do I know, truth is, I got quite a unexpected kiki from RuPaul's Drag Race...I can't fib, both shows have turned out to be super guilty pleasures--Yeah. I. Said. It! LOL...

Former COGIC

@ Freeleo: I know that's right, I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully Anthony will throw down in the sewing room, but I'm hoping he is not wearing his "creations"...

@ Butch: "Funny" is a relative term. With so few black gay men on television, it does become tiring to see us almost always represented as snap queens, no? That is almost always the case in reality shows ... see: Dwight on "Housewives ATL" or almost any black gay character on "Real World"


He wasnt lyin!!


What black gay character on the Real World was a "snap queen?" Karamo certainly wasn't.



I don't know about the Real World, haven't watched that show in years, but surely you don't disagree that most black gay characters on reality television and television in general are sassy snap queens?

We've seen the examples forever and it's been discussed on this blog for years. Oh and if someone wants to debate 'what is sassy' or 'what is a snap queen', then that proves the point.

I'll watch the show bc I like Runway but g-fab black gay queens on tv ... that's about the only time we're seen.






Well, the boy is telling the truth. Can't fault him for that. Plus, it's 'Project Runway', not 'Project Marine Bootcamp', what do you expect? Fashion is filled with sassy, snapping queens and bully for them.

I remember a black male contestant from 'Survivor' complaining a few years back about the way the producers edited the footage to portray him as a lazy, shiftless black man.

They would show clips of him just sitting on a rock or walking around aimlessly when any work was presented for the tribe to do. But, that footage might have been shot weeks ago when not a damn thing was going on. That's far more insidious than this fellow. There's not a damn thing real about these reality shows.


Yall need to stop. Only reason its always a queen is because they dont give a damn! Karamo didnt even have the nuts to be honest about his sh!t from the jump. Only reason they dont feature masculine gays, is because they dont have the heart to put themselves on blast on national tv, they too scarey. So enjoy the queens and get over it.

Derrick from Philly


In my 5 years of running my big mouth on these blogs (even trying different writing styles)-- I have never articulated my view on this particular topic/issue as well as you just did. Thank you.


Right JJ.

You keep telling yourself that.


>>Only reason they dont feature masculine gays, is because they dont have the heart to put themselves on blast on national tv,

Really? You really believe that?

You seriously believe think the ONLY black gay men who will ever, ever consider being on television are the loud, sometimes obnoxious queens? Or, do producers like them because they bring drama?

And why is there (somewhat) more diversity with white gay characters?

I will agree that often more open gay men are sometimes more flamboyant ... but you're fooling yourself if you think these are the ONLY black gay men who are out or would consider being on television. They're just more dramatic and producers prefer drama and controversy. And face it, a quiet, more "masculine" black gay man who goes to the gym and is quiet, and does not argue or seek controversy, will probably come across as boring.


@ Former COGIC:

If the other closet queens would man up out of the closet, maybe we would see more than the snap queens!


What if he was chosen because he has a REAL talent for designing? I'll wait and see how he does before I start judging him.

Ten in My Timbz

Ain't this a blip!You queens need to fall back!

Everyone (and i mean everyone!) knows that most queens are loud and seek attention. Thats what they gravitate toward reality shows because they want the limelight. Most people are not that stupid to want to put themselves in a situation where they will be clowned on or made a fool of. And sorry my queeny friends, but as someone said earlier TV producers like loud and dramatic characters.

Oh and if snap queens are such positive role models ... why don't more come out as gay on TV and/or talk about LGBT rights? The Hattie McDaniel of black snap queens, Miss Rodney Chester on Noah..says he is NOT gay but is always booked as an emcee at gay events and parties. (smh ray charles could see her tea) Juicy booty Michael on Project Runway...says he is NOT gay.

Oh and that dreadful Dwight of course is the biggest one of them all but he saye he feels NO responsibility towarde black LGBT youth an dcould care less about being a role model for black gay men.

Derrick from Philly

This always happens with this topic:

JJ didn't go on the offense on this discussion. He responded (with some feeling) to some very negative attacks on a very prominent segment of the black gay world. The same attacks that have gone on for decades.

If the criticism was directed only at TV and filmmakers then that's fine--black gay folks have a right to question media producers choices about who's shown? But the criticism (and contempt) quite often seems to be directed at the "queens" (or fem males) for their own existence--even more so than the folks who decide who is shown on TV or who is shown on film.

My issue has often been not with the presence of feminine black gay males in media, but with the depiction of us. The worst depiction was "Men on Film" (LIving Color)because they made us look stupid; the best was Jeffrey WRight's portrayal in "Angels in America". Wright's character was flaming, but also intelligent and strong.

I'd like to see more "mainstream" or "traditionally masculine" black gay men in the media like the character in the film "Strange Fruit" or the two gays in LOGO's "The Reception"--but I also want to see more realistic presentations of feminine males of all races.

Queens aint going to disappear--we've been here idolizing female icons since the Queen of Sheba days. You go any elementary school in this country--this world and you'll see a new crop of queens doing Beyonce and Britney Spears impersonations.

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