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18 January 2010



Sad that MLK had to distance himself from Bayard when King himself had his own issues. It's well known about his infidelity and specialty for white women.

But that's okay as I have made it my life goal to bring back Bayard into the conversation. I truly feel that a discussion about the african american civil rights movement that doesn't include Bayard Rustin is to have no conversation at all.

Derrick from Philly

Let's remember how many leaders from the civil rights movement were able to embrace the cause of gay civil rights in the 1980s: Jesse, Julian Bond, John Lewis, Mrs King, Reverend Joseph Lowry to name the major names. I've read that Huey Newton of the Panthers was pro-gay civil rights (atleast what was understood about such a notion 35 years ago.)

I think Dr King would have supported gay civil rights...I mean, civil rights for gay people. He would have been like Yolanda, not like Bernice.

Garçon Stupide

Rev. Irene Monroe writes a must-read op-ed at Bay Window on Bayard Rustin.

EVERYTHING Irene Monroe writes is must-read.


As I have mentioned on this blog before, Coretta Scott King was pretty homophobic herself until some time around 1990. People can and do change, and I have no doubt that MLK would have changed, too.

When MLK was killed, the fight for gay rights was still a weak one. It probably hadn't entered his consciousness much, if at all. I suspect, though, that he would have become an ally of gay people years before his wife actually did.

(I have difficulty even thinking about this subject, however, because there is no way MLK would have been allowed to survive.)

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