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03 February 2010



The ads seem very stereotypical to me. There should be more of an equal racial mix within the ads.


I like it. The more this gets out the more I feel it will change a community's perception.

Former COGIC

@ SH: " There should be more of an equal racial mix within the ads."

If the goal is to target black black families, why should there be more of an "equal racial mix"??
Anywayz...I love it. The more we see images of black gay men and black families, the more that promotes acceptance in black families.


this is needed. i wish we had this when i was younger


Wow...this is great. I hope something like this can be done in the Bronx.


The campaign ran very successfully in NYC for over a year. It plays well in major cities but I am not sure how it will play in less educated, smaller or "holier than thou" communities. It is a smart well presented campaign and should be applauded for the mature, crisp and intelligent manner it is presented.


interesting...these ads just started showing up in Rochester, NY, I'd say just before Christmas. Like LI, they started out as Billboards, and now they're on Buses and whatnot. I didn't think our city needed it, but hey...


Thanks, Rod. Sometimes it feels like the work you start goes nowhere. Great to see the campaign is getting a new life and being coopted by White folk LOL.

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