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14 February 2010


Greg G

>>>From the "fierce urgency of now" to the fierce urgency of ... whenever.

And the irony is that Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and other conservatives say repeal it now. Amd the administration wants to drag the "process" out.

Da' Realist One

Like I said on a previous story relating to this...

If you're holding your breath hoping for the Dems and/or the Pres to flex their politial authority to get this done there's gonna be a whole bunch of dead mofo's laying around.

Until Gays & Lesbians flex their political muscle and make repercussions to those who don't (or in this case WON'T) do the right thing in making equality a thing for us all, we should and will continue to see ourselves on the back burner.

Garden State Equality in New Jersey finally stepped up and said NO MORE, and stopped giving time, manpower and most importantly MONEY to a political party that CHOOSES not to support their GLBT constituents. They decided they will only support those who supports them (as it should be).

When we as GLBT men and women (especially those of color) decide to adopt that same mentality and act on it, ONLY THEN will you see change.

I mean hell, think about it...
It works for the Republicans' doesn't it?

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