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17 February 2010



I'll lie and say "not that it matters", but is Dr. Kington's partner black or...?

darien mitchell

This is wonderful! Thank you for such positive reporting on things like this!


Now that's progress!!!

Baltimore Femme


really? thats the first thing that came to your mind when you read this story? SMH

i could could care less what color is his partner...the story is about a very accomplished black gay man who earned a medical degree at 21 and just named a college president. we dont hear enough stories like this in our community and this is the only blog that posts them.

bravo dr raynard kington! bravo! may you enjoy much success! and congratulations to your partner and children!


What Baltimore said. This is great news. Go for it!



He has had at least one long term relationship with an African American man who also happens to be a doctor.

I'm sure Raynard will make an excellent college president. He's a brilliant man.


This is awesome news, thanks for posting.

I don't care what color Raynard's partner is. What's important to me is the fact that an accomplished black gay man is in a position with visibility. Hopefully this news will be broadcast via many media outlets and will transcend and quell much of the hatred faced by gays ( especially black gay men) all over the world irregardless of culture, language and religion. I hope young black gay teenagers learn about and be inspired by Raynard. I am sorry for rambling but this is a breakthrough.


Wow this is great news! This is such an inspiration to me. I wish him all the best!


Iowa is fortunate to be gaining Dr. Kington. And Grinnell will prosper under his leadership.

K. Dark

In many ways this is progressive step.

I do not doubt that the has the administrative acumen.

But the challenge for all Presidents is their abilities to raise money of corporations.

He may have an uphill challenge.


As a black, gay man in higher education I have to say this is friggin' FABULOUS! I feel so proud...

a. mcewen

The important thing is WHY ISN'T THIS TOLD TO A WIDER AUDIENCE! It's like with Lee Daniels. When black gay folks are doing well, it seems not to be given proper attention.


That sound you hear is my jaw hitting the floor...this is fantastic and amazing. Iowa?! Bravo.

I wish him and his partner much success. I don't envy any college president these days, trying to raise money for their institutions.

Mel Smith

This is great news. Congratulations Dr. Kington.


Now this is change!

A black gay college president!

A black gay Oscar nominated director!

A biracial gay Rhode Island house speaker!

Michael Wright, the first black diving champion!

Shani Davis winning another gold medal!'

Yes we can, yes we can!
I am loving it!


@ Dan

I feel where you are coming from about his partner's race. I feel at this time and moment let's just congratulate Dr Kington on his new appointment. Right now let's focus on the positive and leave his love life out of it. That is whom he chose to be with and we cannot change that. Wish him well.

Reid Hampton

His partner, Peter Daniolos, is white. It isn't the FIRST response I had-- congrats Dr. Kington, this is great news- but it is part of the whole response I'm having to this news. As a complex intellectual being I am at once proud and disappointed that in this example we see, yet again, the scarcity of black-black same-gender-loving relationships in our society.


Just for clarification: I am very, very happy to see a proud, black openly gay man in this position. However, I am somewhat disappointed (and I'm not ashamed to admit it)that a high profile black gay male is with a white partner. I'm a successful black gay male myself, and am beginning to realize why people seem to always assume my partner of ten years is white. It seems black couples like us are simply never seen. As a proud gay black man, I love showing off my handsome proud gay black partner. If we're an enigma, so be it.


This is wonderful news! I think that small liberal arts places are the perfect setting to make these sorts of moves, and if successful we can then move on to larger universities. (Raising money is THE job of a college president, it is the Provost who handles all of the academic stuff, so we need to be able to show that we can raise money before we'll be allowed to handle bigger research universities.)

@ Dan,

I understand where you are coming from. The sad fact of the matter is that the media and society in general continue to reinforce this notion that black men (especially educated/successful black men) do not desire each other. It feeds into the stereotypes that blacks are "more" homophobic, or that black gays must "leave" their community to find love and acceptance. It is highly troubling to see very, very few images of black men with each other in general, and if you exclude the "DL" and thug images you are left with next to nothing. In fact, many people assume I only date white men because they assume that is what educated black gay men do (and where did this stereotype come from anyway?)...it's really sad.


Great news! I can see where the question would be asked what the nationality of the partner is.

It really does means so much more to know that a Black Gay couple, who are both successful in their fields of work, and have a family they are raising is doing big and great things. I have seen interracial couples that are successful, but not very many couples where they are both black and even less that are males. It gives hope to us who want the relationship with a black man AND both being successful.


@ Dan and Reid:

So if he didn't have a partner what would you say? Does that change his accomplishments? Or if his partner were black...how would that change the fact that he is a black openly gay man who was the chief of the NIH? And at RAND? And just named a college president?

I understand where both of you are coming from. I am a black gay man and love my brothas. Trust me, I am so so very tired of images of inter-racial couples in advertising and at rallies. It seems the only time we are often mentioned or seen is when we are an "accessory" to a white man.

But that's not the case at this blog. It just seems very catty and very ghetto that your first and only comments are asking about the race of his partner. That's the FIRST thing you took away from this breakthrough news? the FIRST and ONLY thing?

I will say, to each his own. I like to see affirmation of black gay men thats why I come to this site. Its the only blog that finds stories like this. But I understand there are other brothas who have different preferences and there many white and latino readers here. At least his partner his very successful too an d they are raising black boys. (Unlike some cases where we see black professors going after unemployed white actors and waiters..) But that was the FIRST and ONLY thing you got from this? Really?


This is change I can believe in! Love, love, love it! Acknowledge home. Honestly, I've never heard of Grinnell College, but now I'm glad I have.

Chitown Kev

Grinnell College is an extremely good school. (Very expensive too and hard to be admitted to.)

Yeah, I do understand the whole "is his partner white" thing but having that as the first comment was a bit off-putting.

Chitown Kev

Damn, and I neglected to post my congratulations to Mr. Kington!



congrats!!! when are they getting married ??!

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