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28 February 2010


Greg G

>>>Will New NAACP Chair Roslyn Brock Push for Gay Rights?

How about a big fat NO?


I personally think it would be brilliant if the NAACP would move beyond the black church and try to engage young African Americans on social justice and equality. They are making some steps but very small ones. I wouldnt give up on the NAACP just yet.


@ Will: "They are making some steps but very small ones. I wouldnt give up on the NAACP just yet."

Give up on the NAACP or the Black church? Honey, you have it all backwards. The Black church and the NAACP have given up on Black gay men. We are nowhere to be seen or celebrated, unl;ess we are doing someone's hair or singing at church but NOT pressing for equality or inclusion.


will ... perhaps you haven't heard the black church declared war on gay men back during the 80s when the AIDS crisis started?

William Lavender

I don't think that the NAACP will help out or fight for a gay cause no matter what the figures show about how we are effected. I am not saying that the NAACP is a bad org. I am just saying however like with everything, if you put in new blood and the old guard is to leave then things changes.

Andy Niable

...or we could unify, clarify our message, work hard and get more of our numbers active, lobby Congress directly ourselves, and get DADT suspended on our own. Yes, NAACP's (among many other groups') help would be nice. How about we show them we know how to do it on our own?

Congressional switchboard number: 202-224-3121

Anthony in Nashville

When I read Brock's comments about the NAACP being more than just a "black organization," I interpreted that as meaning they are going to be doing more work with Latinos and gays.

The old heads are going to be sick, but I think it may be a way to increase membership since young people don't seem to be in a rush to join the NAACP.


I believe that the organization will comtinue in the new direction that Bond started taking it in. He started including support for the LGBT community with Prop 8 and a few other issues. He threw organizational support behind Prop 8. i don't mind that it took a minute. I care that it happened.
If this organization is to move forward it has to be more inclusionary because the new generation and the black progressives, are more behind the LGBT community than the older NAACP community. The black middle class between the ages of 30-55 are more progressive and more open/accepting of LGBT issues, than that age group 5-10 years ago.
It will be interesting to see where this organization goes next. I think we need to be part of it and/or let the main organization know how we feel and how we are willing to support them, if they support us.

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