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03 February 2010



Great news. The world is such an interesting place. For years things move at a snail's pace and now they are humming right along. I think the president will keep his promise and abolish DADT during his time in office. Keep hope alive.


correction on that last line of your post: mullen (not gates) is the first jcs chairman to endorse repeal.
Duh. Thanks! -RM


It's amazing that young, gay Americans sign up for the "honor" of defending this (great) country, knowing that they forfeit their First Amendment right in doing so.

I applaud every one of them.

DADT is shameful and woefully outdated.

The First Amendment, on the other hand, is over 300 years old.


“In the almost 17 years since the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ legislation was passed, attitudes and circumstances have changed,” General Powell said.

But, you know, the need for basic civil rights was there always.

Despite you.


A friend was at a private party in San Francisco during the implemenation of DADT and tried to get Powell to see that those against gays in the military were using the *exact same arguments* that were used against blacks/racial integration in the 40's and '50s'. He 'didn't get it' then...guess he sees it now.


rod I am glad you are back

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