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16 February 2010


Nathan James

I will be RIGHT UP IN THERE watching this chameleon like a hawk. I know that "politics is the 'art of the possible'" but Ford's transparent overture to our local LGBT community is a bit much.

I daresay Ford will try very hard to gloss over critical LGBT issues such as ENDA, DOMA, DADT, and should I say, New York State's own stormy history woth the LGBT community, as evidenced by the "Discrimin-8" Democrats who voted AGAINST gay marriage last December...I hope the Stonewall Dems hold Ford's feet right to the fire, especially in light of his homophobic track record. I will be bringing my patented hypocrisy meter to the meeting next Wednesday.


Either he was lying before or he's lying now about how he really feels. I still dream of the day when we get an honest politician.


Hope everyone that can be there is will be. Would love to read some R2.0 voices from people that can attend.


When Harold Ford was in Tennessee (78% religious) he was against same-sex marriage. Now, in New York (48% religious) he supports same-sex marriage.

Harold Ford didn't change his mind, the POLLS did.

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