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15 February 2010



Daniels does some of the most thought provoking work today. It has taken the rest of world quite a while to give him his due. Being out and black has indeed played into that. He should have been a household name after Halle's win, but you rarely to never really heard his name mentioned.

I'm glad he's willing to take the bumps and bruises in order to make his name known, on his own terms. It would have been much easier to say nothing and pass as straight or unknown sexually. But everyone else is saying who they sleep with and how many times, and the hundreds or thousands of partners, but if you're gay in the business you are supposed to stay hush hush, and in the closet.

Bravo Lee!!! Do it on your terms so you can't be blackmailed or intimidated!!!


Aren't you breaching copyright by posting the whole article?

Black and White Mage

John, I think it is called "fair use" where parts of a copyright work can be distributed for criticism.

What an inspiration Lee Daniels is.


lolz @ John

Attitude posts many of its articles online and magazines send Rod advance copies of issues and features. Even if that weren't the case, scanning one page is hardly serious. But bless your heart trying to play intellectual property attorney.

I'm so glad that Lee Daniels is getting his shine. He's an outstanding director and producer...that was obvious after watching Monster's Ball. And how thrilling is it that a gay BLACK man was nominated for best director! Bravo!

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