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24 February 2010



political spin at its worst!!!

Cocoa Rican

Ruben Diaz (with all due respect worthy a minister and man of his age) is a relic! His religious beliefs are acceptable when touted from his church's altar, but inappropriate from a state representative's point of view. It sounds like a crock when he alleges that although he has gay family members and gay friends, he cannot support civil rights issues that affect the gay community. I am disgusted by people of color - and in the case of Diaz, a half Puerto Rican / half Dominican man - who refuse to respect and defend the civil rights of ALL when they benefited from someone else's battle to bring them to where they are today. He's a hypocrite and an idiot. As a New Yorker - and a gay Puerto Rican New Yorker specifically - I look forward to supporting a candidate that better serves New Yorkers...one who believes in equal rights for ALL.

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