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26 February 2010



The last 2 pics are OK, but the others are NOT! He is just doesn't do it for me!

Eddie B



Am I the only one that use to see this kid act on Degrassi High the Next Generation. I never featured him as no rapper super star. Boo boo, go back to acting, you'll make more money and have a long term career beside the one hit wonder rap stars of the day.




Haha you watched degrassi high your a loooooozer! First name greatest, last name ever!


Come on boys -- it's all about those lips! LOL


He's a sweet guy! TRUST ME - when you see those thighs in real life - you'll LOVE DRAKE!!!!


Dang ya slow down on my boy Drake! He has killer eyes and has sway...well at least to me he does.


I am proud of dude, though I don't see him at all. I am a lip-lover and don't see lips on him like that, but maybe it's because he's so young.

I am proud of the way he is pushing his musical thing and revamping music. Dude had 3 hits before there was even a cd!


Shade Tea

ill pass on Aubrey DRAKE Graham...

I'm still trying to figure out what's so good about him..cause i'm not seeing it YET.

And, he was horrible on Degrassi also..sorry y'all but Ms. Aubrey get's a 4 for overall appeal...

But, gets TENS! TENS! ACROSS THE BOARD! for those dsl's of his..we all *KNOW* he put them to GREAT use with getting record deal and the like...HOW YOU DOIN?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOL


I don't like all the silly faces... but other than that, he looks fresh and fantastic. I'll keep my eye out for him.

Kev P

I think he's cute - funny-looking cute. I couldn't remember where I had seen his face before until someone mentioned he had been on DeGrassi New Generation. A terrible show, by the way.... The original was much better (for those of us old enough to remember it).


I don't see it all. I feel like half the people who rave about him wouldn't look twice if he was just some regular fool from the block.

And his music is awful. Yeah, he better stick to acting. Otherwise, in five years, it's gone be Aubrey WHO??


He looks like a pug dog in that second picture.

Brian "Mr. Potter"

I love him...I think he is incredibly talent rapping or singing. And what I love about him more is that the "Jimmy" character he played on Degrassi, is pretty much his same personality. Says him. And if he passed me on the street. Id still think the same. Gorgeous.

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