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15 February 2010


Distant Lover

In the words of the late, great Michael Jackson... "We're taking over, We had to!"
Congratulations to Brother Bonheur and Sister James!


Congrats to them both! Say what you want about the French, I know they have had difficult race relations in the country but more often than not they sure know how to put a good (black) foot forward on the international stage!

I need to get my TV hooked back up ASAP! Doubt they'll medal from that standing but would love to see them skate! And uh, he's gorgeous!


Beautiful!!! I haven't seen anyone from American soil since Debbie Thomas and French soil since Surey Bonily(sp), with her illegal back flips on skates:-)


Go France!

Bruh Luva

This is great, and they make for a stunning couple on the ice, but in reading the story, I got confused. If he placed 14th at the 2006 Olympics (albeit with a different partner), how did he make history last night as the first Black figure skating pair in the Olympics?

At any rate, it just shows how if we are introduced to something, we can learn it and excel at it. Congrats, and continued success.He ain't exactly hard on the eyes,
is he? Good Lawd!
Yannick's partner at the 2006 Olympics was white.-RM


Crazy I was just watching them on youtube before I came here lol. They are a little rough around the edges but with the exposure and a little more experience together they can do something. Also he (along with the German) is some nice eye candy this olympics.


The look great together! Much success.


Does anyone remember that black French woman from 1994 (I think) who did the backflip?! OMG she was amaaazing. I remember thinking as a kid, "What a badass!!!"


Surya Bonaly was the "badass" backflipper.


I missed this - Vive la France! I did get to see Afro-German Robin Szolkowy (with Aliona Savchenko) last night tho....


I was privileged to be at the Pairs Figure Skating - Winter Olympics - Vancouver, this pair was absolutely fantastic - they lit up the ice - they should have been placed in the top 10


I love the notion of a black couple "lighting" up the ice.



Hello: Where can I see their skate? I missed it.

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